Rent a Boat in Bahamas

Rent a Boat in Bahamas

Boat Hire in Bahamas

The Bahamas is north of Cuba and to the southeast of Florida, you already know it’s one of the most beautiful destinations in the world. But what you may not have realized is that it consists of over 700 islands, including islets and cays. 

In short, if you want to see more than just the main island, you’re going to need to rent a boat in Bahamas! It is the simplest way to navigate around the many interesting islands and make the most of your time on the island.

The good news is that you can rent a boat in the Bahamas even if you don’t have a license. Simply choose a boat with a skipper and lay back, the skipper will take care of everything for you and even show you a variety of hidden treasures. That’s places you’re unlikely to find by yourself. 

There’s plenty to do in the Bahamas, starting with a visit to the impressive Atlantis Resort on Paradise Island, where you’ll find a 141-acre waterpark and over 50 species of marine life.

You’ll also need to check out the Exuma Cays Land and Sea National Park. This 176 squares mile is a protected heaven for marine life. You’ll need to anchor up and put your snorkels on to appreciate the abundance of colors and shapes under the water. This is also the best place to see swimming pigs!

Rent a Sailboat in Bahamas With Skipper

It’s important to note that the tidal range in the Bahamas is 3.5 feet. That means that the waters can be very shallow and you’ll need to pay close attention to tides, especially when entering and exiting harbors and other anchorages.

In short, you may prefer to rent a sailboat in Bahamas with skipper, it will ensure you have peace of mind. 

Rent a Motorboat in Bahamas

Sailing is great, but if you rent a motorboat in Bahamas you’ll find that there is minimal work to do. Simply turn on the engine and point the boat in the direction you want to go. 

There are plenty of high-quality motorboats to choose from, simply select the number of berths you need and the size of the boat you want. You’ll find motorboats are generally more luxurious than sailing boats. 

Rent a Motorboat in Bahamas With Skipper

Even if you choose a motorboat you’re going to need to think about the tides, that’s why it’s a good idea to rent a motorboat with a skipper. This is essential if you don’t have a license, you can’t rent a motorboat over 30hp without one. 

Of course, a local skipper will help you to appreciate all the delights these islands have to offer and feel like a real explorer along the way.

Rent a Catamaran in Bahamas

We’ve already mentioned the shallowness of the waters which is why you should consider renting a catamaran in the Bahamas.

Catamarans have shallow hulls, making it safer to bring them in closer to land, even in shallow waters. The dual hull design also means they are faster than traditional sailing boats and they have more room. Potentially they can be as comfortable and luxurious as a motorboat. 

Rent a Catamaran in Bahamas

Almost every boat we offer has the option to be taken with a skipper and this is generally a good idea. Although the waters are generally calm and the winds light, a skipper can ensure you can fully relax and enjoy the experience, without having to worry about jumping up to trim the mainsails or adjust the jib.

Sailogy is here to help you. Take a look and you’ll find an array of great boats to choose from. Contact our first-class customer service team and they’ll navigate you through the hiring process and get you onto the water, ready for the experience of a lifetime. 

Rent a Sailboat in Bahamas

There is nothing quite like the freedom that a sailboat gives you as you drift between the islands guided by Mother Nature. Sure, you can plot your own course, but why not let the gentle breeze show you the best route? 

Rent a sailboat with or without skipper and you’re sure to enjoy the warm, but gentle trade winds that sit around these islands most of the year.  

December to February sees average temperatures of 21-24°C, while the rest of the year is between 27-29°C.