Rent a Boat in Sicily

Rent a Boat in Sicily

Boat Rental in Sicily

Sicily sits just south of Italy, it’s the largest of the Mediterranean islands and is where you’ll find Mount Etna, currently the tallest active volcano in the world!

If that was enough to entice you to rent a boat in Sicily then consider the temptation of deep blue sea meeting sandy shores, rocky inlets to discover, and some of the most impressive sites in the world. 

In fact, Sicily has a long and distinguished history that can be traced back at least 2,500 years. You’ll find Greek temples, Roman architecture, including villas and aqueducts, Baroque churches and even Norman cathedrals. Thanks to its strategic importance almost every ancient nation has left a mark on this island.

Rent a Sailboat in Sicily With Skipper

Choosing to let a skipper do the work is often a wise decision. It’s not about your ability to sail, it’s about the delights and hidden treasures that can be found around this island if you know where to look. 

A local skipper will know these waters and the hidden treasures, making your holiday an experience to remember.

Rent a Motorboat in Sicily With Skipper

Motorboats are pretty straightforward but that doesn’t mean you should choose to pilot it yourself, even if you have the license. 

Rent the motorboat with a skipper and you’ll find they’ll take you places you wouldn’t necessarily have put on your agenda, and you’ll be glad they did.

We’ve got an array of motorboats waiting to be used by you at affordable prices. Check out the options and you can look forward to a life on the high seas!

Rent a Catamaran in Sicily Without Skipper

If you have the license and the confidence then you’ll want to trim the sails and leave port using the power of nature. There really is no feeling like navigating your catamaran away from the Sicilian port and cutting through the water. If you choose to take a boat without a skipper you’ll be in charge of your own destiny. In short, you’ll feel like a real explorer.

Rent a Catamaran in Sicily With Skipper

Don’t forget that catamarans are generally wider than a standard boat, although they are also faster. For this reason, you may want the comfort of a skipper on board, allowing you to safely navigate in and out of the marinas that surround Sicily.

Rent a catamaran with a skipper and you’ll enjoy peace of mind, allowing you to focus on the sights of this famous island.

Rent a Sailboat in Sicily

The Mediterranean is generally calm between March and November, making the warm winds the perfect way to test your sailing proficiency. 

You can rent a sailboat in Sicily and choose whether to skipper it yourself or let someone else do the work. All you have to do then is plot your course and sit back. There’s plenty of things to do as you glide around the island

Rent a Sailboat in Sicily Without Skipper

Of course, to rent a sailboat without skipper you’ll need a sailboat license, which is why having a skipper is the only choice for some people.

But, if you have a license this is a great area to build up some experience. The seas are generally calm, the northern side of the island is less open to wind buffering thanks to its position near Italy, you can even sail the waters between the northeastern coast of Sicily and the southern tip of Italy, where you’ll be able to see the mainland and the beauty of the island.

Rent a Motorboat in Sicily Without Skipper

As much as it’s beneficial to have a skipper showing you the best parts of the island, there is something magical about taking the controls of your motorboat and cruising out to sea. Pick the right distance and spot and you’ll gain a perfect view of Sicily, it’s incredibly beautiful. You may even see some puffs of smoke of lava from Mount Etna.

Rent a Catamaran in Sicily

Although the waters around Sicily are generally calm in the summer months, you should consider renting a catamaran in Sicily.

Catamarans have twin-hulls, making them more stable and comfortable, even if the water is a little choppy. This is a great option if you have inexperienced sailors on board.

It’s also a great way to travel from Sicily to the Aeolian Islands, all seven islands are linked by a 200km ridge from Mount Etna to Mount Vesuvius, making it a UNESCO listed area and fascinating to explore.

You can rent a catamaran with sails or motor and enjoy the additional space onboard, especially compared to a monohulled sailboat.

Rent a Motorboat in Sicily

If sailing isn’t the thing for you and you prefer the convenience of switching an engine on then you’ll be glad to know we have a range of options to rent a motorboat in Sicily.