Rent a Catamaran

Rent a Catamaran

Catamaran Hire

Rent a catamaran to experience to magic of the marine life at your own pace, without sacrificing any of the luxuries of a land-based holiday including comfortability and space. 

Ever wondered who sails on the boats beautifully lined up in some of the world’s most beautiful marinas? Always wanted to get on one of those and rock the seas in style and comfort? If you answer yes to any of these questions, you are in the right place. With just a few clicks and taps, you can explore hundreds of options and rent a catamaran to turn your dream into a reality. Relaxing, stable, and convenient; there are no other boats that sail as confidently and as luxuriously like a catamaran.

By design, a catamaran is a boat with wide beams and two hulls. These hulls are what makes catamaran different from other boats, providing greater stability and much comfortable speed. Pontoon and SWATH are the two main types of the catamaran, with pontoon being the smaller and lighter of the two. However, for holidaymakers, renting a cruise-styled catamaran is most common. Depending on the size, it can accommodate up to 12 people with enough deck spaces in between its hulls. It is one of the most luxurious boats to rent, especially if you have some time and would love to anchor in the shallow bay away from the crowd.

Despite offering more spaces than other cruising or sailing boats, catamarans are relatively easier to navigate, anchor, and get closer to even a tiny little picturesque bay. It relies less on the sails, and more on the engines. Its increased stability and less heeling also lessen the chance of seasickness; making the ride more enjoyable. The ability to go closer to a beach, or inside a gulf and enjoy a glass of sunset cocktail away from the crowd is another feature that is making catamaran a very popular boat to rent among people of all ages.

Catamarans are perfect if you are planning to sail with your family and friends. It offers lots of room for sunbathing and lounging on-board, enabling you to spend as much time on the sea as you want. It’s also perfect to sail with elderly people and children as it doesn’t shake as much as the other boats. Offering separate sleeping accommodations, shower and heads; renting a catamaran also happens to be the best option for privacy. Sailing at a comfortable speed – not too fast and not too slow; many people also like to rent a catamaran for partying in the middle of the seas.

Offering a great combination of performance and comfort, the catamaran is a great boat to rent for both experienced and beginning sailors. At Sailogy, we have hundreds of catamarans available in some of the world’s most beautiful and popular marinas. We also offer the option of renting a catamaran with or without a skipper on board. For experienced sailors with a valid sailing license, the skipper is optional. But for beginners, it is a must as the skipper would be your captain on-board; navigating and anchoring your boat the way you please. As part of our catamaran rental, we also offer some detailed route maps, safety guidelines, and an overview of the places to sail to if requested.

All the boats offered as part of our rent a catamaran service are tested and regularly inspected to meet the safety standards. You can also find many options within your budget, amenities requirements, and such. The booking process is also very convenient and gets completed in no time.