Rent a Catamaran In Mallorca Without Skipper

Rent a Catamaran In Mallorca Without Skipper

Catamaran Hire in Mallorca Without Skipper

Whether you’re planning to visit Mallorca for a week or a month, you need to rent a catamaran in Mallorca without skipper.

This may seem a little drastic considering the array of spectacular tourist opportunities on the island. But, the only way to really appreciate the beauty of the island is to head to sea. Seeing the massive mountain ranges rising up from the island, and framing these against stunning white sandy beaches helps you to appreciate the power of nature.

A catamaran is a great choice, especially if there are members of your party with little boating experience. In general, a catamaran is more stable in the water and more spacious. They are also generally faster than a monohull sailboat, but that’s another story.

The best place to start is Palma, the capital of Mallorca. Spare a little time to sample the delights of the city, including fine dining and ancient architecture. There is still evidence of the Roman’s time on this island. 

When you’re ready you can sail or motor out of the harbor and head south. You’ll find an abundance of secluded coves along the southern coast of the island, many with pure white sandy beaches lapping onto the turquoise waters. It’s worth taking a look at Alcudia's Old Town, it’s a short distance from the sea and was fortified to protect against pirates in the Middle Ages.  You’ll feel the old-world ambiance as soon as you pass through the main gate.

For glamour you’ll need to stop at Puerto Portals, it’s on the southwestern coast of the island and is a common destination for the Spanish Royal Family. It’s chic and there are plenty of flashy cars, in fact, if you’ve ever been to Monte Carlo in Monaco you’ll note that this feels like a smaller version.

The picturesque Port of Valldemossa is also worth a visit, it’s still a traditional fishing village and offers some of the best seafood on the island. You can leave your boat here and hike through the pedestrian streets of the village, it’s just above the port and is framed perfectly by the Tramuntana Mountains. 

Soller is another seaside town that you can sail into and moor up. You’ll find olive groves and the Soller Train that will take you for a scenic drive through the stunning landscape. 

Moving around the eastern coast you’ll find that Menorca is only a short trip away. If you feel like experiencing some of the best beaches in the Mediterranean and a more laid back approach to life, you’ll need to pay it a visit. It’s an easy sail or motor that should see you there in less than two hours. 

Don’t forget that off the southern coast is the archipelago of Cabrera, a designated National Park which has remained unspoiled for generations and will continue to be so.

It’s also worth looking at the island of Dragonera on the western coast where you’ll find dragons and lizards living in harmony. If you want to finish with a little sunshine then Llucmajor is just 25 kilometers south of Palma, it’s a stretch of coastline filled with beaches, beautiful coves, and cliffs rising from the water.  You’ll be mesmerized.

It doesn’t matter what you love doing the most, you’ll find something that appeals if you rent a catamaran in Mallorca without skipper and plot your own course. Mallorca is full of stunning scenery and interesting places. 

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