Rent a Catamaran Without Skipper

Rent a Catamaran Without Skipper

Catamaran Hire Without Skipper

If you have enough experience of sailing along with a valid license to prove it, you can rent a catamaran without skipper and sail at your own pace.

When it comes to a sailing trip, there are quite a few options. You can rent a sailing boat, catamaran, motorboat, or even a yacht; depending on your taste, budget, and intention. Among these, catamarans are one of the most popular boat to charter. They offer increased stability, comfortable speed, and enough privacy for everyone on-board. They are also spacious enough to accommodate large groups and partygoers who like it in the middle of the seas.

By design, a catamaran has 2 hulls on either side, making it wider and roomier than other boats. The hulls also do their job in keeping the boat more stable, reducing the chance of catching seasickness even if you have children and elderly members with you. The deck is also great for sunbathing or enjoying a few glasses of cocktails watching the sunset in the sky. The design also allows catamaran to go closer to the shore or any other marine surprises with shallow depth. So, it is no surprise that catamaran is also a great boat to skip a crowded shore and get immersed in the tranquillity by anchoring it a bit away from the bay. If you opt to rent a catamaran without skipper, you can even make it totally exclusive to your friends and families. 

All the sailors know that a catamaran is relatively easier to navigate as it relies more on the engines than on its sails. Offering a better balance all around, they are also brilliant in the face of strong currents and such. Therefore, it is not unusual to feel tempted to get out on an adventure without the guidance of a professional sailor. However, you must have enough experience of sailing before renting a catamaran without skipper. In many marinas of different countries, you would also need a valid license in order to get on-board and navigate it as you please. You should also consider the fact that you would have to get busy behind the wheels, possibly slightly away from your travel buddies.

Anyhow, if you do fulfil the requirements to rent a catamaran without skipper, you are in for a treat. Of course, it would feel like sailing on your own boat and all the benefits that would come with it. After all, you would get to be the captain of your own boat – sailing away to whichever way you please and then anchoring it in your preferred place. You would also get to feel the winds blowing past you behind the wheels, offering the thrill of true immersion with nature. It would also offer the complete privacy on-board, a privilege you could only have on your own boat. Even for the boat owners, this is an opportunity to try a different model or design without the need to splash a large sum on a catamaran.

Thanks to the highly accessible features of Sailogy, you can rent a catamaran without skipper within a few minutes. Just go on the website, choose your destination, look for the catamaran you like, and you are ready to get on-board. All the catamarans listed on our website are regularly tested and thoroughly checked to ensure the maximum safety for our sailors. Our team of sailing experts would also provide you with some safety precautions, marina-specific suggestions and detailed itineraries so that you don’t miss out from exploring any hidden gems away from the shores.