Rent a Motorboat in Bahamas With Skipper

Motorboat Hire in Bahamas With Skipper

What better way to explore the Bahamas than with the wind in your hair and the throttle in your hand as you navigate through the 2,000 plus islands, islets, and cays in this area? The simple fact is that you need to rent a motorboat in Bahamas with skipper to really appreciate everything these islands have to offer. 

You may have a license to pilot a motorboat over 30hp and be considering driving the boat yourself. However, you should note that the Bahamas has very shallow waters, plenty of sandbanks, and underwater reefs. Combine these with strong and unpredictable currents and you can see why it’s better to have a skipper.

There is no doubt that the Bahamas are beautiful, the sea is turquoise, many of the beaches are covered with white sand, deep blue holes are abundant as well as the largest underwater cave system in the world. Whether you’re after the comfort of a Caribbean city, the excesses of a millionaire’s playground, or a rugged, remote, and isolated spot, the Bahamas has it all.

Nassau is the capital city of the Bahamas and offers colorful houses, a modern feel, and an abundance of British Colonial architecture and influence. You’ll need to inspect the 66 steps carved from limestone by slaves. They lead up to Fort Fincastle and were renamed the Queen’s Staircase after Queen Victoria's efforts to abolish slavery in the Bahamas.  The fort itself is impressive and offers stunning views of the area.

You may also want to take a look at the Pirates of Nassau Museum, a fascinating insight into the pirates of yesteryear and the role of the Bahamas, especially with rum runners.

To the north of Nassau, you’ll find the island of Grand Bahama, this is where the 40-acre national park is, known as Lucayan National Park. There are exotic birds, an impressive array of fauna and flora, and even water birds. Hike through the park and check out the caves, it’s a rewarding experience.

To the east of Grand Bahama, you’ll find the Abacos, this is where you’ll start to feel like an explorer as you cruise around mysterious coves, through the Whale Cay Passage, and into Green Turtle Cay. There are some great shops and eateries in this area but the scenery steals the show every time. Head southwest from the Abacos and you’ll find the Berry Islands, these sit in very shallow waters, you’ll have to trust your skipper. You may even want to moor in one of the marinas and get the dinghy out to explore the small waterways between islands. Just be careful you don’t get lost!

Further southeast you’ll find the Exuma Cays, this is a chain of islands curving in a general northwest to southeast direction. The population here is limited and there are few shops. But, it is one of the first ea National Parks and offers the chance to see an abundance of sea life in a wide variety of colors.

The Bahamas is one place where you need to bring your snorkel. The great thing from here is that you’re surrounded by small islands and cays, you can point your boat in any direction and discover beauty and adventure.

Of course, the waters remain shallow and can be dangerous if you don’t know what is beneath the waves, that’s why you need to rent a motorboat in Bahamas with skipper. You can leave them to drive the boat while you enjoy the view.

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