Rent a Motorboat With Skipper

Rent a Motorboat With Skipper

Motorboat Hire With Skipper

Even if you don’t know anything about motorboat navigation, you can easily rent a motorboat with skipper to satisfy your thirst for water sports and adventures.

Today, there are a great variety of boats used for a variety of purposes, including water transports, fishing, policing, travelling, sailing, etc. For tourists and sailors, it offers an opportunity to relax right in the middle of the sea, exploring different shores, or to travel to different islands. It also offers an opportunity for water adventures or a spiritual journey into an immersive sunrise or sunset.

While many people have their own boats – whether it’s a sailing boat, motorboat, catamaran, or a luxurious yacht; it’s not always ideal to take your boat to whichever destination you are travelling to. There are also a lot of other people who not only don’t have a boat but also have very limited experience in riding a watercraft.

However, thanks to the advanced boat-rentals like Sailogy, it’s not a must to own a boat anymore in order to experience the thrill and adventure of riding one. At {SITE_NAME}, in particular, you can rent a motorboat with skipper or without, and enjoy a thrilling holiday of whatever length you have planned for.

Our motorboat rental without skipper service is designed for experienced sailors with a valid licence. By taking up this option, you would be able to be the captain of your own boat, navigating it as you please once in the water. However, it also means that you would have to spend significant times behind the drive wheels, away from the rest of the group on-board.

Renting a motorboat with skipper, on the other hand, is like renting a chauffeur-driven, speedy car. The skipper would be your captain on the boat, taking up all the navigation and maintenance responsibilities as you focus on spending some relaxed and enjoyable time with your family. Ideally, the skippers would have plenty of experience in motorboat navigation, dealing with many different challenging situations. All of {SITE_NAME}’s skippers are also locally-sourced, which enables them to double-up as a well-known guide, offering suggestions about the best routes and places to enjoy a picturesque view in any given destinations.

At {SITE_NAME}, we have a great number of motorboat options offered as part of our rent a motorboat with skipper service. All our boats are equipped with many luxurious features and are regularly tested to comply with the highest safety standards. We also offer our services all over the world, making it as easy as possible to rent and go-out on a thrilling excursion.

Just visit our website, select the destination and the type of boat you are after, and you will be offered with numerous options to choose from. We have boats as small as to carry 4 people, or as big as to carry a large group of 12 persons. You will also find boats with luxurious cabins to sleep in or for additional privacy.

Whether you rent a motorboat with skipper or without, there are some basic preparations that you should be taking before getting on-board. With skipper, you won’t necessarily have to have your own itinerary, but make sure you take sunscreens, enough waters, swimming gears, and flip-flops if you want to get down to island hopping. As motorboats are very fast, you should also have some preparation to deal with any possible seasickness. Keeping the baggage smaller can also benefit in offering more spaces on-board, especially if you are renting a smaller motorboat.