Rent a Sailboat in Amalfi Coast

Rent a Sailboat in Amalfi Coast

Sailboat Hire in Amalfi Coast

An Italian vacation wouldn’t be completely perfect without exploring the sea and the wonderful beaches across the country. One of the favorite seaside destinations among tourists from all over the world is the Amalfi Coast. Rent a sailboat in Amalfi Coast and get ready for an adventure unlike any other. Sure, there are other sailing destinations across the country, but nothing compares to the natural beauty of this UNESCO World Heritage Site, hence it was protected so that its appearance and resources can be preserved for the sake of the future generations. 

The best time to travel to the Amalfi Coast would be from April to October, before and after the winter season. The towns and villages look their best, the seas remain calm, it is mostly sunny and the weather is simply perfect for a sailing trip. The most popular months for tourists to come would be from July and August. The coastline is so crowded that you would see umbrellas one after the other on the beaches. This is such a pretty sight when you’re looking on from your sailboat towards the shore. But if you want to experience the best of this destination with fewer crowds but with the same charming views and lovely climate, then it would be great to schedule your visit sometime in May and September. 

Rent a sailboat in Amalfi Coast and head on towards Vietri Sul Mare. This is the very first of the thirteen Amalfi Coast towns you will reach if you are coming from Salerno. This is where you will see some of the world’s most magnificent artistic ceramic in all of the brightest and most vibrant colors. These have been documented since the 15th century! You must also see the beautifully landscaped Scala, the oldest town in Amalfi Coast. Precious marble and marvelous ancient ruins are only some of the wonderful things you can see in Scala. 

Of course, you must have heard of Positano. This Amalfi Coast village is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the area. You won’t miss it when you see it from your sailboat because the white-washed houses line the mountain slope, following the natural structure and shape of the mountain, giving it such a unique and amazing appearance. While in the area, you must also grab the chance to get yourself a few pairs of handmade leather sandals, the footwear that made Positano very popular. This is also a great time to shop for cotton and linen clothes – Modo Positano is another local clothing product that’s hugely supported by locals and tourists. 

There are plenty of other towns and villages you can visit when you rent a sailboat in Amalfi Coast. There’s Cetara, a charming little fishing village, where you can have a taste of the freshest tuna and their local culinary specialties such as anchovy sauce. You must also see Conca dei Marini, a coastal village famous for its magnificent views of the Mediterranean, enchanting gardens, and lemon groves. 

You must not miss out on Amalfi when you rent a sailboat in Amalfi Coast. This is the village where Amalfi Coast got its name from. You can visit the Cloister of Paradise, the Handmade Paper Museum, Ancient Arsenals of the Republic, a historical bell tower, and the Cathedral of St. Andrew in the main square. There are covered stairways and alleys amidst those lovely white houses lining the cliff. 

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