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Sailboat Hire in Liguria

The coast of Liguria is Mediterranean in feel, you’ll find a deep blue sea, a warm and gentle breeze, and an abundance of small coves and villages which are simply begging to be explored. The simple truth is that to really appreciate this beauty, you need to see it from the sea, even the locals will agree to this!

That’s why you need to rent a sailboat in Liguria. The winds here are mild, making it the perfect spot to gain experience and enjoy the feeling of moving with just the power of nature. Of course, if you don’t have a sailing license you can also rent a boat in Liguria with a skipper.

The capital city of Liguria is Genoa, it’s also the 6th largest city in Italy. In other words, you won’t be short of things to see and do before you head out to sea. Make sure you give yourself enough time to appreciate the Cattedrale di San Lorenzo, it is from the 1100s and has an impressive frescoed interior. You’ll also need to check out Via Garibaldi, a famous street with plenty of historic references and impressive properties.

It’s a stunning city with a cosmopolitan flair, plenty of interesting architecture, and an abundance of great places to eat and drink. Of course, you’ll want to spare some time to check out the great shops.

To enjoy ligurian beauty you can visit Sailogy website and rent a sailboat in Liguria. We’ve got a huge range of sailboats for you to choose from, just pick the number of berths you need and your preferred length and we’ll take care of everything else for you.

Genoa is a great starting point for your trip, it’s a good idea to head east along the Riviera di Levante to Camogli, a charming fishing village with very friendly locals. From here you can head south and cross the Gulf of Tigullio, you’ll see a number of beautiful towns dotted across the coastline.

You’ll comfortably reach Sestri Levante and can find a spot to moor to enjoy the town. The eateries are lovely but you’ll want to take your time cruising the coastline around this port, the beaches are small but simply stunning. Just south of this is the Bay of Silence, with stunning scenery across the coast.

You can carry on heading south from here and reach the National Park of Cinque Terre. This is actually 5 towns linked by the Sentiero Azzurro trail, each one is worth seeing. As well as exploring the fascinating coves in this national park and testing one of the largest beaches in the area, you can go ashore and try hiking on one of the many dedicated paths.

You may want to dedicate a day to sailing, allowing you to move up the coast of Liguria and to Portofino. It’s close to Camogli and sits between the mountains and the vegetation, making it an idyllic spot to enjoy before heading back to Genoa. 

Of course, the length of time you spend in each spot will depend on the amount of time you want to rent a sailboat in Liguria for. 

Take a look and see the array of sailboats we have available, with or without skipper. Every vessel is maintained to the highest possible standard, you’ll feel like you’re in a floating hotel!

Best of all, you’ll have our first-class customer service team to help you through every step of the process. The team is friendly, knowledgeable, and full of useful tips to make your sailing holiday the thing of dreams.

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