Rent a Sailboat Without Skipper

Rent a Sailboat Without Skipper

Sailboat Hire Without Skipper

Many seasoned sailors tend to have their own boat or yacht. But it’s not a precondition or a mandatory requirement for sailing anyways. In fact, there is no shortage of sailors without a pre-owned boat. Even if you have one, it’s not always ideal to take your boat to your preferred holiday destination. That doesn’t mean, however, that you can’t sail in a picturesque coastline in countries such as Croatia, Italy, Malta, Greece, Cuba and so on just because you don’t have a sailboat, or you couldn’t manage to bring one with you.

If you happen to be a trained sailor with a valid sailing license, you can comfortably rent a sailboat without skippers and make the most of your sailing holiday on your own or with the people of your choices. Thanks to sailboat charter services, it is now easier than ever to escape into the marine wilderness whenever and wherever you please. You just have to rent a sailboat of your preference, opt for the without skipper option and sail away. The control of the sailboat would be all on your hands, just like you are used to or dreamed of doing on a boat of your own.

Chartering a boat and enjoying a relaxing or adventurous outing in the middle of the sea is certainly a penultimate holiday experience. It offers an abundance of freedom and inspires awe through the magnificent unknown of the sea. Without a skipper at the helm can make it even better for some people, as it makes it a truly unique and personal experience. However, it also means that you have to be responsible for your safety, and thus, requires extensive preparation from your part.

To start, you would have to have a sailing licence. While some countries may not require a valid license, it’s good to have one with you. It would also mean that you have trained well-enough to obtain that licence, and know all the nitty-gritty of controlling and manoeuvring a sailboat in the open sea. It’s not a very difficult task, but you must be confident in your capabilities with reasonable proof and experiences in order to enjoy the adventure to the fullest.

Not having a skipper on board would also mean that you have to dock your boat on your own and pay all the necessary charges fixed by the marina. Similarly, you would also have to know the routes you want to take and the destinations you would like to visit, and then align them with the duration of your sailboat charter. Don’t worry though, as the fun and excitement of controlling the wheels and the sails of a luxury sailboat would more than makeup for all the troubles.

Another aspect of the preparation is to set up an approximate budget for your holiday. Of course, to rent a sailboat without skipper is a relatively cheaper option, but it can still come handy if you know how much you can spend on a particular sailing trip. Also don’t forget to take enough sunscreens, sunglasses, hats, aqua shoes, swimsuits foods and drinks on-board; all of which would enable you to soak up the sun shining on to the pristine water waves in a secure and luxurious way.

At Sailogy, we can offer you a plethora of sailboat options so that you can find the one that perfectly suits your needs. Our sailing experts would also provide you with the most important safety advice, as well as detailed itineraries for your preferred routes to make your journey as comfortable as possible.