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Those who equally love both the sea and entertainment must organize their sailing holidays in Ibiza. The Spanish island which is perhaps the most popular one among those that belong to the archipelago of the Balearics, in fact has a very mundane and nightlife vocation and it is considered by young people from across Europe, and not only, the coolest Summer destination. Those who therefore have already done a sailing holiday in Ibiza know for example that landing on the ground at aperitif time means to start a long evening and night of fun, beginning by listening to music at high volume in the lounge bar and in the chiringuitos placed on the most beautiful beaches on the island.
Obviously, however, who opts for a boat hire in Ibiza does it because he is a keen yachtsman who knows that there are many charming moorings to be reached. Like that of Puerto Roig on the south west coast or like the anchoring of Badella and Codola, both carved into the cliffs, as well as protected by the high and rocky mass of the Vedra isle.

Remaining in the western part of Ibiza, beyond the islet of Sa Conillera, you enter in the San Antonio bay, safe bay in any weather and home to an efficient navy. The east slope of the island is instead the most flat and built, but also the one that hosts numerous sandy beaches that can be easily reached after a yacht hire in Ibiza. And by staying right in front to the capital island there are four landing places in which to moor to take a walk on the ground. Also because, from a historical point of view, the old town, called Dalt Vida, of Ibiza is worth a visit.
The tour starts from the cathedral built in the fifteenth century and continues along the walls that were built in the sixteenth century by the King Charles V. Returning towards the basilica topped by a large Gothic tower you reach the Archaeological Museum, inside of which are the remains
that narrate the history of the island, dominated by the Carthaginians, Arabs, Romans and French.
Still in the capital there is a real gem: the Teatre Pereira, the first building of Ibiza erected according to the style of the colonial architecture. It dates back to 1898 and after being home for so many years to an opera house, about ten years ago it was renovated and has become the local "temple" of the Balearics jazz. Thanks to a yacht charter in Ibiza then you can also visit other interesting parts of the hinterland. For example, from the village of Talamanca, on the north, to the village of Santa Eulalia, center of the eastern part, runs a road that passes over the bay of Cala Llonga and allows you to admire the expanses of pine that cover the hills inside of the island.

It is no surprise then that when the Romans conquered it they called it Pityusae, or "island of the pine trees" because of the large number of trees that covered it, and that are still numerous. Landing here after a boat hire in Ibiza there is another natural spectacle not to be missed: the salt pans - Ses Salines - UNESCO heritage natural reserve. They must be visited during the late summer time, when due to the salt crystallization process, the puddles take on a pink coloring.
Another soul of Ibiza is the hippy one, since the Spanish island, before becoming the "consumerist" entertainment destination of today was, in the seventies, one of the most loved by hippies, the members of that movement which rejected the conventional life. Traces remain of their passage in San Carlos, village just north of Santa Eulalia: with a boat hire in Ibiza you can get on the ground by anchoring in the coves of Llena and Mastella and reach it on foot, maybe on a Saturday.
It is on that day of the week in fact that for the whole summer in San Carlos is held a crowded market where are purchased clothes and jewelry inspired by the fashion of the so called "flower children". Talking again about the seaside and seafaring area of the island you must no miss some of the most beautiful beaches of the island: thanks to a yacht charter in Ibiza in fact there are many beaches in front of which you can safely drop anchor for a swim or enjoy some of the land elite life.
The city of Ibiza for example has three beaches, those of Ses Figueretes, Playa d'En Bossa and Talamanca. Many more instead are those included in the territory of the neighboring municipality of Sant Josep. Among these there is that of Bol Nou, made up of a set of sandy coves that alternate with tiny indentations made of pebbles and rocks. Very nice is also Cala D'Hort, beach located in a closed bay and with fine sand with rocky areas located at both ends of the beach.
Playa D'Es Cavallet is instead the most popular beach for those who practice nudism: it is the ideal destination for anyone looking for a quiet and isolated environment in which to spend the day in contact with nature. Around Sant Josep there is also Cala Carbo, a beach with a landscape still intact and not at all transformed by the urbanization. It is located within a small cove, oriented to the west, and hid in a cove closed and protected from all winds.

With a boat hire in Ibiza you can finally move to the western part of the island: here first of all is located Cala Salada, bay with a very fine sand alternated with rocky areas that emerge from the sea. Not far there is Es Pujet, beach with fine and white sands that takes its name from an ancient well located on the beach, to the south of Punta des Moli. It is however located further north one of the most famous beaches in the territory of Sant Joan, Cala Portinatx. It is protected by a ring of hills and made of clear sand.

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