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For those who love to sail in the most beautiful areas of the Mediterranean there is another country considered as the perfect destination by sea lovers: those who more and more often decide to take wonderful sailing holidays in Spain. The great Iberian country, in fact, offers numerous opportunities to have fun amongst the waves while remaining in the peaceful waters of the Mare Nostrum and a few hours flight from UK. Those who then seek a boat hire in Spain almost certainly already know they will have available first of all the long and fascinating Mediterranean Iberian coastline that stretches for 1660 kilometers, aside from that facing the Atlantic Ocean in the Basque Country which is long "only" 710 km.

Although probably those who plan to rent a boat in Spain, mostly think about sailing towards the many beautiful Spanish islands. The main ones are grouped into two large and important archipelagos: The Balearic and the Canaries. In particular, the Balearic, which are located in the center of the western Mediterranean and not far from the Valencian Community coast, are the favorite destination of those who want to leave for a sailing holiday in Spain. Very well known to almost all sea lovers, the Balearics are composed of four main islands: Mallorca, Menorca, Ibiza and Formentera. Numerous and very fascinating, however, are also the smaller islands such as Cabrera, which houses the homonymous Cabrera Archipelago National Park, but also the tiny Conejera, Dragonera, Es Vedra, Espalmador, Espardell, Tagomago.

Perfect for a yacht holiday in Spain that guarantees to navigate in a dream sea and among fantastic creeks are also the Canaries Islands: even if these latter ones, contrary to the Balearic Islands, are situated in the Atlantic Ocean, off the coast of southern Morocco and therefore about 1,000 kilometers south-west of the "mother-land" the Iberian Peninsula. Also because of this it can be said that, geographically speaking, the Canaries belong to the African continent. The main islands of this magical archipelago, desired destinations by the many Italians who seek an ideal boat hire in Spain are Gran Canaria, Lanzarote, Fuerteventura, Tenerife, La Palma, La Gomera and El Hierro. In short, I hope the many sailors from the "continental" Iberian coast won't mind, but for us Italian sailors taking a sailing holiday in Spain means above all to explore the magical islands of the Country of bullfighters.

Which geographically are located about 250 miles away from the Italian (and Liguria) border in the south-southwest direction. Here, which is the largest archipelago of the Mediterranean Sea the main island is Mallorca, the earth place where is also located the capital of the autonomous community of the archipelago, namely the chaotic but charming city of Palma de Mallorca. Populated by about half a million people, it is one of the main tourist centers of the Balearic and because of this it is well-regarded by boat-owners who are looking for a great yacht charter in Spain: without forgetting that Palma itself is also very much appreciated by the Italian tourists for the beaches, entertainment and nightlife that can be found there.

The most naturalistically fascinating parts of the island are, however, other: such as the Es Trench beach with its crystal-clear waters; or the natural bay of Cala Estany and also the stretch of caves present along the wild coast that goes from Cala Figuera to Porto Petro. About eighty miles north of Majorca however here comes at the horizon the smallest and above all much more uncontaminated Menorca. This is the second largest island of the Balearics and you can discover it by leaving from the port of Ciutadella, its ancient capital. From here the boat sails towards the wild Cala Pregonda, the fascinating and secluded Cala Macarelleta and the truly unique Cala Morell, in which you can find the particular prehistoric caves. And finally you can find shelter inside the port of Mahon, spectacular harbor-side obtained at the end of the largest coastal fjord of the Mediterranean.

Finally, sailing towards the southern extremity of the archipelago you reach even the two most famous pearls, meaning the Ibiza and Formentera islands. More rich of events the first and more wild the second, they evoke in a more hippie style the characteristics of the two major islands and are a popular destination especially for those seeking trendy VIP holidays. Finally, those who plan to rent a boat in Spain for their sailing holiday must not forget a continental region of the country, the Catalonia. It is the large region situated in the eastern part of the country, right at the border with France, which has as its capital and also as the center of fundamental tourism the beautiful and seafaring city of Barcelona.

Around which extends an undulated coastline, rich in opportunities in terms of entertainment, even at night. But let's not forget that in Catalonia you can also discover over eleven Natural Parks: The Natural Park of the Pyrenees, the Empordà Marshes, the Natural Park of Cadi-Moixeró, the Cap de Creus, Els Ports (Tortosa and Beseit coast), the Natural Park of Montseny, that of Montserrat, that of Sant Llorenc del Munt, the Serra de Montsant and the Volcanic Area of the Garrotxa. Then there is the Spanish State National Park, the Aigüestortes i Estany de Sant Maurici National Park, a natural reserve, the Delta del Llobregat, and a marine reserve, the Illes Medes.

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