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Valid until 28.02.2019 on more than 22,000 boats
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Cancel until 46 days before the departure
Valid for charters lasting one week
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Group Cancellation and Assistance Cover Insurance

On Sailogy, customers can subscribe insurance at unique conditions offered by our selected partner Ouest Assurances: leader concerning the risks linked to the yacht charter with more than 30 years of experience.

Group Cancellation Insurance

Available for 1 to 10 people - family and/or friends - with € 6500 maximum of cruise reimbursement for € 145. The subscription is recorded under the name of the charterer who signs a contract - a crew list is not needed for this subscription - hence, the partial cancellation of the group is not possible. It means that if one crew member decides to cancel the charter, the whole charter is going to be cancelled.

You can check Terms & Conditions on Ouest Assurances website