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Established in 2012 with its headquarters in Chiasso, Switzerland, Sailogy aims to make the experience of booking a Mediterranean sailing holiday simple, enjoyable, and just as fun as the vacation itself. Firmly rooted in the idea that sailing is neither just for the “elite” or the “experienced”, Sailogy has partnered with more than 22,375 boats - with models to suit every budget, taste and need - in over 800 global destinations, including the Mediterranean Sea, Indian Ocean, Australia, South East Asia, Caribbean and North America.

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 - Sailogy
July 4, 2019


Temptation Island inspiration to discover dream places on a boat and live an experience of sharing and confrontation with your partner, inspired by reality. Romantic atmospheres and harmony to the test, here are some suggestions. 

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 - Sailogy
May 20, 2019


aT Mister Gadget: Manlio Accardo, founder of the Sailogy platform, explains how it works and how you can book your boat holiday anywhere in the world with a Click.

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 - Sailogy
April 8, 2019

Easter on board, Elba, Sicily, Campania and Sardinia the most loved

Croatia, Greece (Gulf of Thessaloniki), North Sardinia, Amalfi Coast and Aeolian Islands are the top destinations for Easter holidays for international tourists according to Sailogy.  

The Turkish coast overlooking the Dodecanese, the Cyclades Islands and southern Italy is growing compared to the previous year's trends.

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 - Sailogy
Sept. 24, 2018

Sailogy: boat holidays as easy as drinking a glass of water

You can say goodbye to the entire days spent looking for information, comparing prices, waiting for confirmations and starting the research from the beginning: in 2012, Manlio Accardo created Sailogy precisely to respond to the imperatives of simplicity, transparency, and efficiency in the holiday at sea.

The company has just signed an exclusive contract with the French group Bénéteau to develop a boat rental site. Sailogy has just bought the peer2peer company Antlos and its German competitor Master Yachting, establishing itself as the number one platform in the sector, with offices in Italy, Germany, Switzerland and soon also in France.

Sailogy has 20,000 boats in the world, ranging from sailing boats to motorboats, from 6 to 24 meters. The destinations are endless: Corsica, Sardinia, Cuba, Australia, Turkey, Sweden, and Spain, just to name a few. Travelers without a boat license can take advantage of the skippers made available by Sailogy.

With friends, family or alone with the cabin charter service of Sailogy, which groups customers according to their age and their tastes, boat holidays satisfy everyone's wishes.

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 - Sailogy
Sept. 19, 2018

Holiday on a sailing boat in the Gulf of Naples

The Gulf of Naples is one of the best destinations for sailing. Thanks to the stability of the winds, navigation is easy even for those who have little practice but want to have the incredible experience of sailing in the open sea. In a few hours of navigation, you can reach different destinations such as Capri, Sorrento or Ischia.

The ideal would be to rent the boat with Sailogy directly on the island of Procida or 30 km from Naples to Castellammare di Stabia. Renting with Sailogy will allow you to experience a worry-free holiday with the certainty of seeing wonderful places.

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 - Sailogy
Aug. 23, 2018

Nautical industry: how it works Sailogy, an Italian-Swiss startup that has acquired a German agency

The boat rental company based in Chiasso has completed the acquisition of Master Yachting GmbH, a leader in the field in Germany, thus arriving at third strategic operation only in mid-2018. The Italian-Swiss company is responsible for chartering boats for holidays, with an extensive catalog of boats of all types and in marinas all over the world, which has just led to term the acquisition of a giant in the sector.

Sailogy is still defined as a startup "because it continues to maintain the spirit of startup, as they are called Uber or AirBnb startups", said to EconomyUp Manlio Accardo, the CEO and founder of the boat rental company. Thanks to its 65 investors, the company managed to raise 10 million euros in over 6 years. Thanks to such a high amount, it was possible to acquire the leading German charter company in Europe.

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 - Sailogy
Aug. 23, 2018

Nautical industry: how Sailogy works, an Italian-Swiss startup that has ...

Sailogy, Italian-Swiss boat charter startup, has expanded its boundaries even further with the acquisition of the German company Master Yachting.

This is the third important goal of the company, which after the union with Antlos and the partnership with Beneteau Group, has faced a great risk. The secret of this success, as CEO Manlio Accardo says, was "never stop believing" and of course the important support of a team in all the company's actions.

Master Yachting will in some sense maintain its autonomy as a reference platform for the German market, but Sailogy will support it with its advanced technology in order to reach even the youngest target, accustomed to managing bookings and purchases directly from their smartphone.

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 - Sailogy
Aug. 8, 2018

Do not have the money for a wedding planner? Here are the sites and apps for a smart wedding

Sailogy is a perfect app for organizing your honeymoon; in fact, the proposed solutions, depending on the destination and the type of boat, start from € 30 per person per day.

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