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Boat Hire in Kornati Islands Croatia

The Kornati Islands make up the largest archipelago in the Adriatic. There are 140 uninhabited islands altogether and they are surrounded by enticing crystal blue waters. If you rent a boat in Kornati Islands, you can take time to savour the tranquillity and beauty of this stunning part of the world.

Renting a boat in the Kornati islands is a simple process and there is a renting option to suit everyone. You can rent a sailboat with a skipper, or a sailboat without a skipper if you are a licensed sailor. If you like the idea of more speed on the water, you can choose to rent a motorboat, with or without a skipper. Renting a catamaran, with a skipper or without a skipper, gives you more space to relax as you explore the waters of this incredible landscape.

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The advantage you get when you rent a sailboat in the Kornati Islands with a skipper is that they can give you all the advice you need. They can show you the official mooring points and direct you to the Kornati National Park Office in Murter where you can get tickets and permits to explore the Kornati National Park which covers 89 of the islands.

If you are an experienced sailor, you may prefer to explore the Kornati Islands, and the nearby Telašćica Nature Park, in your own time. You can hire a sailboat without a skipper if this is the case.

Renting a motorboat in the Kornati islands makes sense as it means you can explore the waters around the 140 islands more quickly. There is a lot to see around and on these islands. Having speed behind you means that you can see all of the mystical and beautiful caves and cracks that cover the islands.

If you choose to rent a motorboat with a skipper, this means that you can sit back and admire the rugged cliffs as the warm breeze blows through your hair. You have the opportunity to take in all of your surroundings without having to worry about controlling the boat.

If you like the idea of speeding across the waters of the Adriatic under your own control, you can rent a motorboat in the Kornati Islands without a skipper. Take a look at the Sailogy brochures to find the perfect craft for you.

A catamaran is a perfect choice for you if you like the idea of having plenty of space when you sail around islands including Piškera and Kornat. You can take a group of friends with you as you sail across the calm and clear waters.

Renting a catamaran with a skipper is a good idea if you want someone else to be in control while you and your friends relax. The skipper can also help you discover some of the stunning rock formations and swimming areas for which the islands are famous.

Choosing to rent a catamaran that does not have a skipper means that you have more space on the craft to take people with you. It can also be fun finding your own way to mooring points and marinas where you can moor your craft and set off on foot across any of these amazing islands. Take a look at the collection of catamarans from Sailogy to find the ideal craft to rent.

Renting a sailboat in the Kornati islands is the perfect way to explore the area. You can sail the deep-blue Adriatic waters with a skipper on board. Alternatively, if you have a sailing license, you can hire a sailboat without a skipper and set off around the rugged outlines of these unspoiled islands.