Rent a Catamaran in Aeolian Islands

Catamaran Hire in Aeolian Islands

The Aeolian Islands in Sicily, Italy is a great destination for all kinds of travelers. Whether you are looking for a luxurious vacation or a rugged adventure, this UNESCO-protected archipelago is definitely a must-visit. When you want your trip to be as comfortable, memorable, and exciting as possible, then you should certainly rent a catamaran in Aeolian Islands

A catamaran is typically larger than most sailboats and motorboats. It is a multi-hulled watercraft that remains stable on the water all the time. It would rarely sway on the water even if there are waves around - this is perfect especially for those who avoid cruises because they get seasick. And since the catamaran is so sturdy and stable, it would be hard to get it overboard even when with bad water conditions!

You can choose to get a skipper when you rent a catamaran in Aeolian Islands. Since there’s so much to explore and visit, it would be wise to have someone knowledgeable about the area so you won’t miss a thing. Even more important about having a skipper is how you can just relax and chill while having glass after glass of wine since you’re not taking the wheel! The skipper will become the captain of your catamaran so all you have to do is just enjoy the ride with your family, friends, and companions. 

Aboard your catamaran, you will see the wonderful view of Vulcano, a volcano island that literally has an active volcano in it. It is not recommended for you to stay overnight here but you can definitely dock and enjoy a relaxing and warm mud bath! You can also lounge by and swim in the black sandy beaches. 

If you’re looking for authentic Italian cuisine and a touch of luxury during your trip, then you should make a stop at the largest island in the archipelago - Lipari. Here you will find the Aeolian Archaeological Museum, a wide range of restaurants where you can taste all kinds of dishes and cuisines native to the Italians! You can also swim at the clear and turquoise blue seas in the Spiaggia Bianca, also known as the White Beach, which easily puts the beauty of the Bahamas to shame. 

When you rent a catamaran in Aeolian Islands, aside from visiting Vulcano and the largest island, Lipari, you must also make a stop at the remote and small island of Alicudi. This is as rugged and close to nature as you can get. There are only 80 people living here and they’re even related! There’s a small beach with colorful fishing boats from the locals where you can dock. You have to travel on foot or ride a mule if you want to get around the area. There’s one charming hotel and a line of apartments if you choose to stay the night. 

The other islands are just as beautiful and it is highly recommended for you to stay awhile so you can explore them all. When you’re traveling by catamaran without skipper, just make sure you’re doing your research in advance. Create an itinerary so you can make use of your time in the archipelago wisely. 

Rent a catamaran in Aeolian Islands through Sailogy. We have a wide range of catamarans you can choose from according to your budget, your preferences, length of stay, and more. This is the most convenient and hassle-free way for you to plan your Aeolian vacation! Just select the catamaran, specify if you’re renting one with or without a skipper, tell us how long you want to rent the catamaran for and you’re good to go! 

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