Rent a Catamaran in Croatia

Catamaran Hire in Croatia

Croatia is so classy and elegant that many tourists are looking for a luxurious vacation plan for their trip to this country. Despite being so elegant, it can be rugged too. So whether you are in it for a luxurious and comfortable trip or you’re looking for a fun adventure on this side of Europe, then it would be a great idea to rent a catamaran in Croatia. A catamaran is an excellent choice if you are traveling with more than just a couple of friends or family members. It is more spacious and a whole lot more convenient and stable too. It doesn’t sway as easily because of its multiple hulls and those who get easily seasick won’t have a problem aboard a catamaran.

When you rent a catamaran in Croatia, you can choose to get a skipper or no skipper. A skipper would be the captain of your catamaran and can help guide you through all of the popular destinations in Croatia. Note that there are a total of 2,000 islands in Croatia so it would be nice to have someone who has experienced sailing in the Croatian Adriatic more than just a few times to guide you through your travels. This way, you can get to the more famous traveling destinations and even the undiscovered and less traveled places in the country. 

Ask your skipper to take you to the luxurious islands of Brijuni, Ran, and Losinj – this is where many luxury yachts dock for days at a time. Your fabulous catamaran will surely fit right in! There are also many great restaurants around where you can have a taste of many authentic Croatian dishes and delicious wine that’s found nowhere else in the world. What’s absolutely great about being in the catamaran is that you can continue the fun in your boat. Especially during the off-peak seasons, there are some stores, bars, restaurants, and other areas that remain closed. Some would close early in the evening. When you have a catamaran, some great music and a few bottles of wine would let you extend the excitement! And when you have a skipper, you won’t even have to worry about the boat anymore because he will take charge – that’s even while you’re nursing your hangover in the morning! 

Now if you’re planning an island-hopping trip, you can rent a catamaran in Croatia and head to the Kornati archipelago. You can get here through the marinas of Zadar, Murter, and Biograd. Explore the wonderful beaches – sandy and stony – the beautiful, clear waters, the vast wilderness, and lush greeneries, pine-scented paths when you go on a hiking trip and so much more. The Kornati is made up of 152 islands – all of the beautiful and magnificent in their own way so this will surely be a trip worth at least a few days during your holiday. 

Most certainly, you can rent a catamaran in Croatia with a skipper but if you want to learn how to sail, this is your perfect chance too. In the mainland of Croatia and in most of its 50 marinas, there are several sailing schools that you can attend to learn how to sail. Who knows? By the end of your holiday in Croatia, you might already have the right to call yourself a sailor! 

All boats go through inspections to guarantee that they meet safety standards. You can also choose according to your budget, length of stay, the amenities you require, and many more options and specifications. 

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