Rent a Catamaran in Italy With Skipper

Catamaran for Rent in Italy With Skipper

When planning for a luxurious holiday in Europe, one of the best ways to enjoy your trip is when you rent a catamaran in Italy with skipper. Aboard a catamaran, you can have the best views of all the magnificent islands in the area. There’s Sardinia island, multiple peninsulas, archipelagos, marinas, ports, and so much more. There are charming cliffside villages that you will surely adore and plenty of ancient architecture that will make your trip a history learning experience too. When you have a catamaran with skipper, you can just sit back and relax as you explore all there is that Italy can offer. 

Italy is such a popular holiday destination that it receives over 50 million tourists per year. This also means that there are plenty of tourism facilities that can make your trip a convenient and comfortable one. Your first stop would most likely be in one of the major Italian cities including Rome, its capital. Shop for clothes, bags, shoes, and so much more in Milan where fashion is at its finest. Go on a historical tour as you peek of the beautiful Renaissance artwork on display in Florence. And of course, you wouldn’t want to miss out on taking some great photos in the picturesque city of Venice where all the wonderful canals are. 

When you rent a catamaran in Italy with skipper, it would be easier and more convenient for you to travel from island to island. Since someone will man the catamaran for you, you can take this opportunity to have a taste of all the finest Italian wines available. After all, Italy is the largest wine producer in the world with more than 700 thousand hectares of vineyard cultivation. 

Italy is also famous for its food and when you travel by water, you can easily try all the authentic local dishes from every corner of this amazing country. Of course, there’s pizza and their ever-famous lasagna, carbonara, spaghetti, steaks, and a ton more food options – all these topped off with delicious desserts and a glass or bottle of wine.

Sicily is the largest island you can visit in the Mediterranean Sea. The next largest would be Sardinia. Among the most beautiful islands, you can visit is Sardinia, which is certainly a sight to behold. The wonderful city of Cagliari, its capital also has its own unique offers such as ancient architecture, great restaurants, resorts, hotels, and more. The Emerald Coast is in the Sardinia region. Also known as Costa Smeralda, this is arguably the most beautiful holiday destination in the world. 

There are also volcano islands, islands with the prettiest ports and marinas, lovely beaches, sailing destinations, and more. When you rent a catamaran in Italy with skipper, the skipper will certainly make sure that you can see all those best attractions and islands. He is knowledgeable enough not only to be the captain of your boat but also to let you know about the most popular and not so well-known but certainly worth visiting areas. 

No matter your destination in this wonderful country, there’s a perfect boat just for you. You can choose according to your budget, the type of boat you would like to use, and more. You can rent a catamaran for one week and enjoy the best of Italy. Book with Sailogy for a more convenient planning process for your Italian holiday!

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