Rent a Catamaran in Italy Without Skipper

Rent a Catamaran in Italy Without Skipper

Catamaran Hire in Italy Without Skipper

When you rent a catamaran in Italy without skipper, you have a choice of how fast you would go and where your first and next destination would be. You can use the boat for a few days or several weeks depending on how long your vacation would be. Italy is one of the world’s best and most beautiful and interesting holiday destinations and since it is made up of 450 islands, the ideal way to travel and hop through these islands would be by boat. A catamaran would be a great choice especially if you are traveling with a group since there’s a lot of space to share! 

A catamaran is a multi-hulled boat. It is stable while on the sea and simple and easy to sail. If you will be visiting Italy for a few days or weeks, take this opportunity to explore all that the country has to offer from its capital city of Rome to the islands in its 20 regions. Sicily, the largest island in all the Mediterranean would be a wonderful place to visit. Here you will see the Valley of the Temples, a royal chapel, and the Mount Etna, an active volcano!

The second-largest island in the Mediterranean is Sardinia and it is also a great destination for sailors and travelers like you who would rent a catamaran in Italy without skipper. Sardinia is a great jump-off site when you want to explore the islands that surround it. If you want to experience social life in Italy, the Porto Cervo would be a great destination. Here you will find some of the finest wines in Italy, authentic Italian dishes in glamorous restaurants, golf courses, resorts, beaches, and so much more. Partying here is also a must-try! 

Rent a catamaran in Italy without skipper and make sure you won’t miss out on the Emerald Coast. Certainly, one of the most if not the most beautiful holiday destinations in all of Europe, Costa Smeralda is famous because of its lovely beaches and enchanting emerald green waters. If you would like to engage in water sports, sailing, hiking, and other adventurous activities, this would also be a great destination. 

Of course, Italy is most famous not only because of Rome but because of the other major cities in the country like Venice where the beautiful canals are. You can go to Milan and go on a fabulous shopping spree. You can also take a historical trip through art when you visit Florence. Fun and excitement truly never stop when you are in Italy so make sure that if you’re going without a skipper, you are planning your trip and the places you want to visit in advance. It would be hard to pick just one best destination so just create a bucket list and cross off each one as you go! 

One of the best advantages, when you rent a catamaran in Italy without skipper, is that you can enjoy the privacy and peacefulness of your own boat. Other tourists would ride ferries in group tours along with other travelers. You, on the other hand, can enjoy traveling at your own pace and time and you can choose your own destinations around the country too! 

Rent a catamaran in Italy without skipper and get reasonable prices for the boats available. Choose among the boats that suit your requirements such as amenities you are looking for, passenger capacity, make and model of the boat, and so on. You can easily make a reservation and plan your Italian vacation conveniently on Sailogy!