Rent a Catamaran in Sicily

Rent a Catamaran in Sicily

Catamaran Hire in Sicily

You can rent a sailboat or a motorboat in Sicily but, when you rent a catamaran in Sicily you’re getting the best of both worlds! Catamaran’s have two hulls, allowing them to move faster through the water than a standard mono hull boat. They also have more space, allowing you to enjoy the kind of luxury that you usually only get with motorboats. 

The dual hulls also improve the stability, ensuring you get the smoothest ride, that’s useful if you have less experienced deckhands with you!

You’ll find a great selection of catamarans to rent. Choose the number of berths you need, the size of the boat, and whether you want motor or sail. Our first-class customer service tea will navigate you through the hire process and ensure you have the right boat for your trip; at a surprisingly affordable price.

Sicily is the logical choice for anyone looking at a boating holiday. It’s easy to get to being just 3km away from mainland Italy, it’s the largest island in the Mediterranean, and it enjoys warm summers with mild to moderate winds. Alongside this, there are a host of UNESCO sites on the island, reflecting it’s 2,500 year plus history as a culturally and geographically significant island. You’ll find traces of Ancient Greeks, Romans, Normans, and more modern civilizations such as the Spanish.

The question you need to be asking is not whether you should rent a catamaran in Sicily, but where you should go while you have the boat. 

A good spot to start is actually Catania. It’s the second-largest city on the island and potentially the most impressive as Mount Etna drops into the ground right behind it. From the sea, you’ll see the city and the most active volcano in Europe. It’s an awe-inspiring and humbling sight!

If you like volcanoes you’re going to want to sail off the western coast and around the Aeolian Islands. This chain of seven islands are connected by a 200km ridge. In many respects the islands have been untouched by humans, there are an abundance of natural caves, stunning beaches, and interesting sea life. The waters around these islands are protected. 

You’ll also find there are plenty of underwater shipwrecks although you won’t be allowed to hunt for real treasure. It’s worth stopping at Salina to admire the vegetation, but, the real delight is on Vulcano, where you can stroll around the still-smoking crater of its volcano. You should also admire Stromboli where a volcano literally rises out of the sea to meet the lava land of the island. It often has small eruptions and creates new coves and black sand beaches to explore.

The northern coast of the island is a gem for those that want a more cosmopolitan and vibrant feel to their adventures. Palermo is the capital city and full of historic delights. But, it’s also full of excellent eating establishments and shopping experiences.

Other places worth visiting include Taormina on the eastern coast where you’ll find plenty of ancient ruins to marvel at. On the southeastern corner of the island, you’ll find the towns of Noto, Modica, and Ragusa, all of which are UNESCO listed. You should also spare the time to visit Syracuse, where Archimedes once lived and there are often sightings of dolphins and sperm whales. You can even visit the small island of Ortigia with some impressive ancient landmarks such as the Temple of Athens ad Piazza Duomo.

We’ve not even talked about Messina, the Messina Straits, Cefalu, or Licata, and that’s just a few of the other delights you need to experience!