Rent a Catamaran in Sicily With Skipper

Rent a Catamaran in Sicily With Skipper

Catamaran Hire in Sicily With Skipper

When you rent a catamaran in Sicily with skipper you’re getting the opportunity to really exploring this amazing island. The list of possible activities on the largest island in the Mediterranean is surprisingly large. For over 2,500 years it has been inhabited and traces of the various civilizations remain to this day.

In fact, some of the best surviving examples of Ancient Greek architecture are on Sicily! There are several UNESCO World Heritage sites and it has Europe’s most active volcano. Mount Etna last severely erupted in 2017 which resulted in 10 people being injured. Lava and ash were sent hundreds of feet into the sky, it would have been impressive to watch from the deck of any boat!

The beauty of renting a catamaran is that you’ll have first-class customer service and the choice of an array of well-maintained boats. Having a skipper means you don’t need t worry about having a license, whether you choose sail or motor, and catamarans have shallow hulls, allowing you to easily approach secluded bays and the islands around Sicily.

A great place to start is Catania, the second-largest city and the one that sits right in front of Mount Etna, the backdrop, when seen from the sea, is truly remarkable. The city itself is home to a host of historic treasures, including the Temple of Athens. But, it’s also modern, vibrant, and a great place to do some shopping, fine dining, or even a little drinking.

On the eastern coast, you’ll also find Taormina, a small town that is often referred to as the Pearl of Sicily. It provides a great view of the plains and Catania, as well as Etna and the small islands of sore. It’s worth checking out the beach on Isola Bella and seeing the Taormina Greek Theatre. 

Carry on up the eastern coast and you’ll pass through the Messina Strait, at its narrowest this natural divider between Italy and Sicily is just 3km. It’s a fun experience sailing through and enjoying the moderate winds. 

The northern shores are the home of Palermo, the island’s capital. There are a lot of historical sights in this city, several beautiful beaches and coves, and a vibrant, cosmopolitan feel. It’s definitely a place to spend a day or two, you can even do it before you rent a catamaran in Sicily. 

On the same coast, you’ll find the beautiful fishing village of Cefalu, traditional and modern, with pretty boats sat in the harbor, it’s an enlightening and heartwarming destination.

The western coast offers the salt mines of Trapani and the delights of Marsala, here you’ll want to take pictures of the salt plains and traditional windmills before deciding whether to head west and check out the Aeolian Islands.

It should be noted that there are plenty of coves and caves to explore around Sicily but, if you have the time the trip to the Aeolian Islands will allow you to walk around the smoking crate on Vulcano and admire the volcano coming straight out of the sea on Stromboli, this is another volcano that is often activate and will delight you!

You’ll need to rent a catamaran in Sicily with skipper to fully appreciate the delights that this large island and neighboring small islands have to offer. A skipper will help you to navigate the right course and seethe things that appeal to you the most in the time you have available.