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Catamaran Hire in Split

If you are a traveller who feels ‘been there, done that’ about most of the things that are available, consider renting a Catamaran in Split for a truly unique and a grand experience.

As you may know already, a catamaran is a watercraft that has two parallel hauls of the same size. It is practically a big and comfortable yacht, which is also the most stable for its wide beam on both sides. Although, it was first invented as a fishing boat, the use of catamaran as a means of a luxury retreat or favourite pastime is what made it a prominent part of the watercraft royalty. It is a private, elegant water vessel free of rolling, a symbol of prestige and power, a Rolls Royce that floats in the water.

Many of the world’s richest people own a catamaran, not just because they love doing water sports, or swirling through the pristine blue waters as part of their holiday retreat, but also to showcase their taste and class. As you can guess, a catamaran is usually very expensive to own and maintain. However, if you are travelling to Split – the unofficial capital of Sailing in Croatia; you can easily take advantage of the Sailogy catamaran rental service and get to taste the high life in the city’s delightful Adriatic Sea floating in its bay.

In fact, renting a catamaran is the best and the most comfortable way to experience this part of the world for a whole host of reasons. There is no denying about the fact that the mainland Split has a whole lot of things to offer to its visitors. From its empiric preserved treasures such as the Palace of Diocletian – a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Saint Domnius Cathedral, Mestrovic Gallery, to the popular Bacvice Beach; the city has what it takes to charm even its most demanding visitors. Not to mention the great variety of Mediterranean foods, coffee and drinks, as well as forever awake nightlife.

However, the best of Split still lies in the midst of its Adriatic Sea, with secluded beaches only accessible by a boat, hundreds of coves perfect to anchor your catamaran, and some awe-inspiring islands poking out of the abundance of blue water plains. Being a peninsula that gradually rises up to reach to the sky with its lines of coastal mountains, the best and the most comprehensive view of Split can also be viewed only from the sea level.

So, there is no doubt that Split can live up to the expectations of any seasoned sailor adorning its shores. Sailogy, being a prominent listing site for luxury boats and water vessels is just the perfect enabler for everyone to enjoy this part of Croatia at its best.

At Sailogy, we offer a great variety of luxury catamaran to be rented for as little or as much amount of time you would like. All of our listed watercrafts are of the highest quality, and are regularly examined by our trained experts for maximum safety. You can choose to rent a catamaran with skipper to guide you along the beautiful harbours of Split and its nearby islands, without you needing to raise a finger to navigate the piece of beauty. Or, you can also choose to brave the sea on your own without skippers on-board to give you company.

Whatever your preferences are, Sailogy has the right catamaran with the right sets of flexibility to allow you to have the best experience in Split. We even provide a comprehensive guideline to best navigate one of our boats.

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