Rent a Catamaran in Zadar Without Skipper

Catamaran Hire in Zadar Without Skipper

When you prefer the freedom of sailing at your own pace, speed and heading to any direction you wish, then you can most certainly rent a catamaran in Zara without skipper. You must, however, have the license to sail and have experience being the captain of a catamaran for your safety. It is great to know that a catamaran is one of the most stable watercraft out there. It remains stable and will prevent you from getting seasick thanks to its dual hull structure. Even strong waves will have a hard time putting a catamaran overboard.

And because of the great safety and stability features of the catamaran, many choose to rent without a skipper. You can most certainly do this during your visit to Zara. You can enjoy the privacy and freedom of being the captain of your own ship. When you search through the wide range of options for catamarans in Sailogy, you will be able to rent those available from Zara’s main harbor. Choose according to the make and model, year built, size and capacity, and even the amenities available in the catamaran.

Since you’re going without a skipper, make sure you are well informed of the best tourist spots and destinations that you must visit while in Zara. Now known as the city of Zadar, Zara sits right on the coast of the Adriatic Sea. It is home to ancient architecture that’s a mix of Byzantine, Venetian, and Roman so it’s a treat to see the city whether on foot or if you simply want to see the view from the sea.

You must also make time to visit Old Town Zara. This is where you can shop at the marketplace for the freshest produce and seafood. You will also see the rich history, culture, and tradition of Zadar’s locals. For 800 years now, the women of Zara would weave lace tablecloths and embroider them with a variety of designs. You can buy these cloths from them as a souvenir for your trip to Zara!

Your catamaran cruise would be even more perfect when you have the best wines of Croatia onboard. Say cheers and enjoy the sunset with some of the best Croatian coastal, Slavonian, and Istrian wines that you can buy from the La Bodega. You will enjoy a trip down to the La Bodega because it is a tunnel-like bar and wine cellar that features some of Croatia’s best wines!

When docked, you can go by foot to The Garden, a magnificent garden with white lounges, day beds, and beautiful drapes where you can relax, have some drinks, and vegetarian treats as you enjoy the best view of the sea. When you’re lucky, you might even come to Zara at a time when music festivals are held - and this happens more than just a few times every year.

From your catamaran, you will be able to see the beautiful steps located right beside the sea called The Sea Organ. It’s called organ because it is actually a very large harmonica like a musical instrument. When its gaps are filled with water and the waves slowly sway around it, you will hear a humming musical sound that’s too beautiful to ignore. Of course, you wouldn’t miss the solar dancehall too - a dancehall by the sea that’s made with solar panels and lights up at night!

So when you rent a catamaran in Zara without skipper, you know for sure that there are so many destinations you can visit during your trip. Make a list so you won’t forget any of those great spots! Visit Sailogy and within a few clicks, you can book the best catamaran for your vacation!

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