Rent a Motorboat in Aeolian Islands With Skipper

Motorboat Hire in Aeolian Islands With Skipper

Vulcano, Lipari, Salina, Panarea, Stromboli, Filicudi and Alicudi - these are the seven islands found in the Aeolian archipelago. You can visit them all conveniently and have all the fun and excitement you want when you rent a motorboat in Aeolian Islands with skipper

With a skipper coming with you, you can be guided through the best destinations in this group of islands. It is guaranteed that everything is just so beautiful and unspoiled. It truly is the best way you can get in touch with nature. In fact, the Aeolian Islands are now UNESCO-protected so that its beauty and charm can be maintained well enough and the future generations can still enjoy it! 

When you rent a motorboat in Aeolian Islands with skipper, you can ask your skipper to help you create an itinerary on the best destinations to visit. He will surely suggest a day trip down to the first island, Vulcano. It’s going to be just a day trip, not overnight because there’s an active volcano here. While you probably won’t be prohibited to stay the night, you’re probably going to be very uncomfortable due to the scent of sulfur all around. You can enjoy the black sanded beaches here though. You must also try out relaxing in some of the island’s warm mud baths! 

Speaking of volcanoes, you should also dock your motorboat in Stromboli. There’s a great restaurant here and a charming hotel. People used to go volcano watching here until a small eruption that happened in 2007. It is even more beautiful today though. Even Dolce and Gabbana built their vacation home here. 

We’re pretty sure you’re a huge fan of the sea which is why you plan to rent a motorboat in Aeolian Islands with skipper. If you feel a little seasick, then you might want to consider a hike when you visit Salina. Salina is the second-largest island in the archipelago only next to Lipari but it is just as exciting too. There are many great restaurants, fun places to shop plus it is truly just magnificent there. When you go on a hike to its highest peak in the Monte Fossa delle Felci, make sure you have a very thick jacket because the temperature drops quickly up top! 

Alicudi seems like a land that’s forgotten so here’s where you can truly enjoy unspoiled beauty at its best. You will dock your motorboat in a small stony beach where there are lots of colorful fishing boats from the locals. It has a small village that has a permanent population of only 80 people - most of them are even related! Again, no motor vehicles or bikes here but you can get around with the help of a mule. Go the extra mile by hiking to the San Bartolomeo church that’s 400 meters above sea level - the views are very magnificent here! The path leading to the church is lined with pretty flowers and wild herbs too so everything is just worth it. 

There are so many popular tourist attractions all across Italy and many would probably just skip the trip to Aeolian Islands because you really have to travel by water to get around. But if you rent a motorboat in Aeolian Islands with skipper, the trip is just so convenient and relaxing.

Browse through the motorboats available on Sailogy based on your budget, the type of boat you’re looking for, amenities, features, and so much more. Rent a motorboat in Aeolian Islands with skipper and we’re pretty sure this is going to be one of the best vacations you will have your entire lifetime! 

1 boat
  • Power boat
  • 2011 (refit 2015)
  • 67 ft

Aicon 64 Fly

Portorosa, Aeolian Islands

  • Skipper on board
  • 8 berths
  • 4 cabins
  • 4 WC
  • No security deposit
  • Bow thruster
  • Air conditioning
  • Watermaker
Up to-7%
Starting from€22,881

Boat price + skipper cost

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