Rent a Motorboat in Aeolian Islands Without Skipper

Motorboat Hire in Aeolian Islands Without Skipper

Are you the daring type who would love to have your own way when traveling? Then it would be a great idea for you to rent a motorboat in Aeolian Islands without skipper. Since the archipelago is made up of seven charming islands, you would have to visit each one during your trip and the best way to do so is by water. It can be convenient and easier for you if you had a motorboat. 

A motorboat is faster and more powerful than a sailboat but smaller than a catamaran. So if you’re traveling solo or with just a few companions, then a motorboat would be a great choice for you. You can feel the cold breeze against your cheeks and the vibrating power of your boat as you sail across the Tyrrhenian Sea

Since you’re going without a skipper for your motorboat, you must have a sailing license and some experience handling a powerboat to ensure your safety and maximum enjoyment while at sea. When you rent a motorboat in Aeolian Islands without skipper from Sailogy, you can choose from a variety of boats according to your budget, the type of boat you prefer, its features, amenities, and more. 

It would also be wise for you to write down your itinerary in advance. Sure, it would be fun to go on an unplanned adventure and just go where the wind takes you, when you don’t have a skipper along, it would be better to know where you are headed to all the time. For instance, Vulcano is a lovely Aeolian destination but since there’s an active volcano here and it smells like sulfur all around, it wouldn’t be a great idea to stay overnight or dock too near the island for an entire evening. You can, however, dock during the day, enjoy the black sand beaches and some mud baths! 

Visit Lipari too, the largest and liveliest of the seven Aeolian islands. Coming from Milazzo via the Tyrrhenian Sea, this is the second island you will reach. There’s a lovely museum here that will certainly take you to an Italian cultural trip back in time. Tons of restaurant choices will make your visit worth it. Authentic cuisine and delectable dishes made by local chefs will leave you wanting more. White sand beach? Say no more. Just head on to the Spiaggia Bianca where the water is so clear and blue, the Bahamas would make a run for their popularity! 

The other islands like Stromboli is also a sight to behold. It used to be a volcano watching destination for tourists but the 2007 eruption forced the locals to close off the summit. There are no cars here so you have to ride mules. There is one great restaurant and another charming hotel. You can visit its long stretch of black-sanded beaches and there’s a diving center too! 

Especially if you’re renting a motorboat for several days or weeks at a time, then there’s so much time for you to explore the rest of the islands. Whether or not you like large crowds and loud music, you must at least experience some of Italy’s best night clubs in Panarea

So when you are looking to rent a motorboat in Aeolian Islands without skipper, know that you are making an excellent choice. You can explore the island at your own pace and time and you won’t miss out on any must-visit destination especially if you’re staying in the archipelago for a while. Just a few clicks on Sailogy and you can already conveniently plan then book your trip to the lovely Aeolian Islands!

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