Rent a Motorboat in Balearic Islands

Motorboat Hire in Balearic Islands

The Balearic Islands consist of 4 larger inhabited islands, 1 small inhabited one, and a host of tiny uninhabited islands. Sat in the Mediterranean Sea off the coast of Spain these islands enjoy warm weather throughout the year and gentle winds. It makes it a good choice for novice sailors.

But, why suffer the hassle of rigging the mainsail and jibing when you can rent a motorboat in Balearic Islands and simply side the throttle to gain more speed?

Motorboats are exceptionally easy to navigate and, if you have a license, you can take any of the impressive selection at Of course, if you don’t have a license and want a motorboat over 30hp, you’re going to need to take a skipper with you.

In some cases having a skipper is the best option, they’ll do the work for you and they’ll know the best routes to take and sights to see. The Balearics are stunning but, they offer so many historical and picturesque sights you may struggle to know which ones to visit, especially if you have limited time.

The usual starting point is Palma, the capital city of Mallorca and where the airport is situated. It’s worth giving yourself some time to spend in Palma first. Often described as one of the most vibrant cities in Europe, Palma has a genuine Mediterranean charm and an impressive cathedral. You’ll also find an array of historical buildings and great cafes/restaurants in Dalt Vila, up the hill in Palma. This section of the city is also listed by UNESCO as an extraordinary example of Renaissance military architecture.

If you’re after beaches it’s a good idea to sail west, the western coast of Mallorca is littered with picture-perfect pictures where white sand laps against deep blue waves. Slip-on your snorkel and slide into the water, you’ll be amazed by the life teaming below the waves.

It will take you 4-5 hours t motor across the sea to Ibiza, on the western side of Mallorca. But, you’ll enjoy the experience with the warm wind teasing your face as the Mediterranean sun beats down.

The Port of Ibiza is actually a World Heritage site and well worth a look. Ignore the hype about Ibiza being the party capital of the world. Simply head around the island and check out the stunning beaches, Platja d’en Bossa is worth a look and has a great nightlife. Cala Comte is a delightful and family-friendly cove, although popular as it’s easily accessible from land. It’s also worth looking at the Cala d’Hort, a crescent-shaped beach with beautiful golden sand. 

It’ also worth looking at Puerto El Espalmador a well-sheltered anchorage between Ibiza and Formentera which offers some of the best diving in the Balearics.

Head back to Mallorca and the northern coast treats you to the sight of the mountains dropping straight into the sea. There are several small ports along this coast which will give you a more authentic taste of life in the Balearics.

Don’t forget to check out Porto Cristo on the east coast where you’ll find the famous yacht club and the caves of Drach. Traveling along the south coast is a lovely way to simply enjoy the views and the mountains before cruising back into Palma and reluctantly returning your motorboat.

The Balearics have a great deal to offer, ideally, you should be here for 14 days, or perhaps longer. If you have limited time we can help you select the perfect boat for your trip and make sure you see the most important sights.

One thing is certain, you’ll want to come back and rent a motorboat in Balearic Islands again!

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