Rent a Motorboat in Corfù

Motorboat Hire in Corfù

Are you deciding on your next vacation and want to do something a little different? Boating in the Ionian Sea may not be the first thing that comes to mind but you can rent a motorboat in Corfu and have the holiday of a lifetime! 

Corfu sits in the Ionian Sea, between the Greek and the Albanian Coasts. The islands have a rich and varied heritage, traceable to the time of the Romans. Over the years they’ve been owned by the Romans, Venetians, French, British, and of course Greeks.

This has given the islands a unique culture and an array of buildings and ruins of historical significance. But, that’s not the only reason to head to Corfu and it’s neighbors. The blue is a deep turquoise, the beaches are numerous and golden, and the locals are very friendly. Whether you want to party or unwind, there is something and somewhere that will appeal to everyone.

That’s what makes it perfect to rent a motorboat in Corfu! You can visit the busy cities and enjoy the nightlife, but you can also motor around the coast and find secluded spots, inaccessible from land. You can moor wherever you want and even cruise toward the other islands in the group, making you feel like a modern-day explorer.

The Ionian Sea is known for its mild winds, warm sunshine, and gentle sea. Of course, you’ll want to visit in the summer months to make the most of these conditions. You’ll quickly find that guiding your motorboat off its mooring, out of the harbor, and into the open sea is surprisingly easy and extremely liberating. From there you’re in charge, point the boat where you want to go and start the adventure!

It’s worth cruising around the coastline of Corfu, there are plenty of secluded hideaways to discover and you’ll never be too far from help if you need it. If you’re new to driving a motorboat then this is a great option and still an invigorating experience. Don’t forget, you can drive a motorboat up to 30hp without a license, but anything over that and you’ll need to demonstrate the right license before you can take the boat out.

But, license, or no license, you can rent a motorboat in Corfu with or without a skipper, and be in charge of your own vacation. While the classic sailboat may look appealing, it’s a lot more work than firing up the engine and sliding the power lever into position. Renting a motorboat in Corfu allows you to focus on what really matters, enjoying the experience!

You’ll find that Sailogy has a number of great motorboats available for you to rent from 49ft long Greenland’s to 39ft Futura or even a 26ft long Vektor. You’ll need to take a look at our site to discover the motorboat that best fits your needs and budget. It’ also worth talking to us to make sure you’ve got the very best option for your needs. 

Once you’ve chosen the right motorboat to rent in Corfu, you can simply sit back and enjoy the experience. You’re in charge of where you’re going, where you’re going to stop, and what you’re going to see. You can moor at sea or in any of the numerous marinas around the Ionian Islands, simply pull in and swap stories of life on the high seas.

Check out Sailogy today to get your dream trip to Corfu started. Rent a motorboat in Corfu and this will be one vacation you’ll never forget.

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