Rent a Motorboat in Croatia Without Skipper

Rent a Motorboat in Croatia Without Skipper

Motorboat Hire in Croatia Without Skipper

When you prefer privacy over anything else and you would love to have a peaceful holiday with nothing else to worry about, then it would be perfect for you to rent a motorboat in Croatia without skipper. You can rent out that motorboat for days or even weeks and especially if you’re just traveling solo or with a very small group, you can conveniently use the motorboat as your accommodation during your travel. There have been many sailors who enjoyed staying on the water all day and all night, but of course, it would still be most ideal if you see Croatia on foot too. And take note that there are also many amazing hotels around if you wish to stay on land during some days of your holiday. 

When you rent a motorboat in Croatia without skipper, it is important to remember that you must have a license to sail. You should also know a lot about sailing because while the seas remain calm and peaceful most of the time and you should get warnings if ever it would be dangerous to sail, it is still absolutely necessary for you to know what you are doing on the water especially when you don’t have any other pro aboard with you. Worry not because if you want to enhance your boating skills, then you can always attend a class or two in one of the many sailing schools in Croatia. 

Croatia is made up of 2,000 islands – all of them beautiful and worth visiting in their own way. This is why it is important to create your itinerary in advance and the routes you will be taking if you won’t be having a skipper with you during your visit. There’s just too much to see and explore from stony beaches to sandy coasts, vast greeneries to amazing waterfalls, and many more. Especially if you will only be on vacation in Croatia for a few days, then it would be ideal to plan your trip carefully so you won’t miss out on the best places to visit during your holiday. 

For instance, there’s no way you should miss out on Brac and Harv, which can be reached within one sailing trip from the Split Airport. Harv is the best partying destination for those who visit Croatia and this where bright and exciting social life is found. Dubrovnik, on the other hand, gives you a peek of the ancient history of Croatia. It houses some of the most beautiful old architecture on the planet, great walls, amazing greeneries and forests, and so much more. You must also check out the Kornati archipelago. The Kornati has 152 islands that you can reach via the marinas of Zadar, Biograd, and Murter. 

You probably already know by now that there are so many places to visit all around Croatia and when you do rent a motorboat without skipper, you can travel at your own pace and sweet time. You will be provided with guides but it would be wiser to do your research in advance. Know where you want to go and get yourself prepared. Bring some sunscreen, a hat, and some sunglasses too because your skin will surely be kissed by the wonderful sunlight on this side of Europe. 

Begin planning for the trip of your dreams. All motorboats you will find here are inspected to ensure they pass safety standards. Rent a motorboat in Croatia without skipper and choose the one, which will be suitable for your requirements and all the things you need while you set sail in the Croatian Adriatic!