Rent a Motorboat in Dubrovnik

Motorboat Hire in Dubrovnik Croatia

Are you planning to visit Dubrovnik soon?
Then it’s just right for you to look for ways to rent a motorboat in Dubrovnik. The city is very beautiful from the inside - an old city with an ancient looking architecture and limestone roads is truly breathtaking. But you just wait until you see Dubrovnik from the sea. It is even more magnificent than you can imagine. 

Feel the cool breeze of the sea as you sail across the Adriatic Sea that stretches towards the Mediterranean. When you are within the Dubrovnik borders, you can admire the city’s most popular tourist destinations from afar. For one, the Lovrijenac is a sight to behold. A large old building sitting on the western side of the city, this fortress and theater is a great backdrop for your photos while at sea. 

There are plenty of motorboats to choose from depending on the power you prefer, the speed you want to take, the passengers you have, and your boating experience too. Especially when renting a motorboat without a skipper, although the seas by Dubrovnik are mostly calm, it is best to choose one with power that you can handle. 

A motorboat is less spacious than a sailboat or a catamaran but it is still as great for traveling and sightseeing on the sea. It has more speed and power that can take you to magnificent Dubrovnik destinations in a while. When traveling with a skipper who will be the captain of your boat, expect to have a great conversation with someone who’s been in the city for a while and knows its ins and outs. 

Another great view you will see when you rent a motorboat in Dubrovnik are its defensive walls. The Walls of Dubrovnik have been around since the 14th century and the city’s people continue to extend it and add to its strength until the 17th century. Another great backdrop for picture perfect moments while on a motorboat, this sight is one of the most unique that the city can offer. 

Dubrovnik is a city that’s part of a larger island but just 600 meters away from its coastline is the small but awe-inspiring Lokrum. Many tourists flock this island by ferryboat to see the amazing destinations Lokrum has to offer. Two of its most famous sights are the monastery said to be built by Maximilian and the Fort Royal Castle, which many now call the Maximilian’s Tower. 

When you rent a motorboat in Dubrovnik, you can search through Sailogy’s wide catalog of powerboats that can safely and comfortably let you enjoy the Adriatic Sea. Choose according to your budget, the number of cabins you need, the boat’s length, brand, model, and even the number of toilets on board. Many would sail for hours or even days at a time on a motorboat so if you know that you will be in the sea for a while, make sure to check weather forecasts in advance. When traveling with a skipper, you can be sure that he’ll be responsible to take you back to shore safely after your sail. 

Motorboats are a little more expensive compared to renting a sailboat in Dubrovnik because of its luxurious features. However, it is money very well spent during your holiday as you can see what very few people or never see at all when they remain in the city. Traveling by sea lets you experience a different kind of magic that feels like a once-in-a-lifetime holiday experience you can only get in Dubrovnik. 

1 boat
  • Power boat
  • 2012
  • 21 ft

Quicksilver Comander 635 Optimax

Dubrovnik, Dubrovnik Region

  • 6 berths
  • 2 cabins
  • 1 WC
  • Bow thruster
  • GPS Plotter in cockpit
Up to-40%
Starting from€1,535

Price of the whole boat

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