Rent a Motorboat in Ibiza Without Skipper

Motorboat Hire in Ibiza Without Skipper

Motorboats are a fun and exciting way to sail in style and agility through the archipelago that forms the crown jewel of the Mediterranean Sea. If you have the necessary skills and license to operate it yourself, it’s probably a good idea to rent a motorboat in Ibiza without skipper. In this way, you can get a more intimate and private experience of your voyage by sea, as you’ll be the captain of your own boat and set the itinerary that you want for your trip. Ibiza has many wonderful locations to offer an amazing island vacation. There are a variety of popular beaches loaded with tasteful bars and restaurants, and luxurious coastlines with a backdrop of rocky mountain cliffs and lush hills. The island is known for its high-spirited and vivacious nightlife with exotic clubs, and a rich historic significance with old town charms and ancient architecture, boosting the rich cultural influences and a colorful Mediterranean lifestyle. All of these come together to give you a truly wholesome vacation with a little bit of everything to experience within a short time. 

Rent a motorboat in Ibiza without skipper and experience a sailing trip unlike any other. The coastlines are embellished with dramatic coves and caves, along with sandy beaches and other outlying islands that you can include within your trip to Ibiza. One of these islands include Formentera. The small island is gorgeous, with crystal clear waters inviting you to take a dip and enjoy the natural landscapes. It is also known for a variety of watersports such as snorkeling and diving. The island is easily reachable from the main port of Ibiza, taking as less as 30 minutes when you rent a motorboat in Ibiza. 

Enjoy the east coast of Ibiza with an amazing array of some of the most wonderful natural landscapes in Europe, and take a stop by the small and lovely islet of Tagomago. Sailing further along, you will stumble on a variety of beaches giving a wild and free vibe, to more secluded white sand coves that are peaceful and serene.

Benirras is one of these beautiful and exotic beaches. Located on the northern coast of the archipelago, you will find a refreshing island way of living with tribal drumming shows, fires lit at night that warm up the soup, and a boho-chic market to explore and load up on souvenirs. Another great beach for an intimate island experience is Cala Carbo. The pristine translucent waters are adorned by a shining coastline filled with white pebbles stretching across the south-west coast. There are shades of cinnamon, oyster and fawn, and parasol lined shores to kickback with some drinks and a good book. 

A unique unspoiled sunbathing experience awaits you in Cala Olivera. This hidden gem of Ibiza is easily accessible when you rent a motorboat in Ibiza without skipper. The best thing about this beautiful beach is that it’s never swarmed with a large crowd. You can have a piece of the beach just to yourself, with golden sand soaking your feet and emerald waters compelling you to put on your finest bathing suit and go for a swim. 

Reach all the wonderful locations with exotic beaches and quaint villages by renting a motorboat in Ibiza without skipper. Sailogy offers a wide range of beautiful motorboats at a good value, so that you can have an affordable and intimate experience. Make sure that you have the necessary license and experience to rent a motorboat in Ibiza without skipper, and put on your captain hat to enjoy one of the best island trips of your life in seclusion and privacy with your loved ones. 

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