Rent a Motorboat in Ionian Greece Without Skipper

Rent a Motorboat in Ionian Greece Without Skipper

Motorboat Hire in Ionian Greece Without Skipper

If you like the idea of having complete freedom while you explore the Ionian Islands, you should rent a motorboat in Ionian Greece without a skipper. Doing so means that you can use the boat to explore the islands, without having to rely on anyone else. 

You can choose which of the islands you want to visit and what you want to see while you are there. You can also simply enjoy steering your rented motorboat across the Ionian Sea, so that you get a different perspective on the lush green landscapes of the islands. 

Steering a motorboat around the islands is a relatively straightforward task, and you and your friends can enjoy the experience. You can also enjoy seeing the sights on the different islands. These sights include Parisian-style arcades on Corfu, glorious green vineyards and impressive mountains on Kefallonia and fine sand beaches on Lefkada

Aside from the magical scenery, there are also plenty of activities to enjoy on the Ionian Islands. You can take to the water on a jet ski or even a banana boat, as a change from the motorboat that you have rented. 

However, you need to get back on-board your motorboat to travel between the islands. For this reason, it's important to make sure that you rent a reliable motor boat that will transport you across the Ionian Sea in comfort. Take a look at the brochures of Sailogy and you will find motorboats without a skipper that you can rent at a reasonable cost. 

Once you have a motorboat to use for your trip, you can make your way to whichever islands you want to visit. You may want to spend time exploring the pretty harbours of Paxi or exploring the sea caves on Zakynthos. While you are visiting the islands, you should not forget to stop for something to eat or drink at one of the many restaurants that can be found on the islands. 

You should also make sure that you have enough time to experience some of the beautiful beaches. Some of the best beaches can be found on the west coast of the bigger islands. Once you have spent some time relaxing on the beach, you can take to the water for a swim in the sparkling clear waters that surround the islands. 

Then you can speed across the water on your rented motorboat, to visit the next island. You will find walking opportunities on all of the islands which give you the chance to see some of the local birdlife. On Ithaki, you also get the opportunity to climb, and hike amongst the rocks. If you like this type of adventurous experience, there are also adventures to be had on the water. You can choose to go kitesurfing and make some great memories. 

There is something for everyone to enjoy in the Ionian Islands. Choosing a motorboat without a skipper, from the brochures of {SITE_NAME}, gives you the opportunity to sample as many of the available sights and activities as possible. 

You can spend time on Lefkada which is actually connected to the mainland, by bridge and causeway, but does not attract huge amounts of tourism. This means that you can enjoy spending time on beaches which are not too crowded. You can also take time to visit Kefalonia, the largest of the islands by area, which is home to some stunning scenery. This island is also home to some pretty towns and villages which give you an insight into what life is like for people who live on the islands.