Rent a Motorboat in Italy

Rent a Motorboat in Italy

Motorboat Hire in Italy

Italy is known to be one of the most stylish and beautiful places across the world. What better way to travel in style in such a wonderful country than when you rent a motorboat in Italy? Go on full speed and feel the Mediterranean water splash against your cheeks while the sun kisses your skin. A trip to Italy would never be complete without a fabulous boating experience. You can best enjoy this by renting a motorboat and you can do so with or without a skipper. 

When you go to Italy, there’s so much to explore and discover. If you’re a first-timer, then you’d definitely want to go ahead and tour around Rome, its capital city. There are many ancient structures and buildings, beautiful churches and museums, and numerous restaurants too where you can wine and dine. You must also try boating along one of Venice’s famous canals or explore the world of art in Florence. In Florence, you will find Renaissance masterpieces that you will only see in Italy. This includes Brunelleschi's Duomo and Michelangelo’s "David". Of course, if you’re a fashion fanatic, then you must make Milan part of your itinerary. Prepare to splurge because there are so many clothes, bags, shoes, and more that you can shop for while in Milan!

If you have already been to Italy at least once before, you know for sure that a few days wouldn’t be enough to explore all of its beautiful sights and attractions. And when you want to have an even more memorable adventure and go beyond where tourists usually visit such as those cities mentioned above, then you should rent a motorboat in Italy. When you have a skipper with you, then he can guide you to those places that must be seen at least once in this lifetime. And if you are going on your own with a companion or two in your motorboat, then just make sure you prepare in advance by creating an itinerary so you won’t forget about the many places you should sail to. 

One of the most popular sailing destinations in the world is Italy’s Sardinia Island. There are so many things to explore in this rugged island right by the Mediterranean. It is most well-known for its nuraghi, the amazing and magical ruins that were said to be from the Bronze age, magnificent beaches, and many other great tourist sights not only in its capital city of Cagliari but the many other towns and villages that surround it. 

When you rent a motorboat in Italy and you are already headed to Sardinia Island, then you should take a trip down to the Emerald Coast, also known as Costa Smeralda. It is one of the most beautiful, if not the most beautiful, holiday destinations across the planet. It easily puts to shame many other beaches and islands that travelers usually rave about. Its emerald green waters, which explains its name, is the highlight of it all and the best way to see it is when you are in a motorboat. 

How about a trip that will show you some of Italy’s most beautiful cathedrals, volcanos, ancient villages, and so much more? Then go to Lipari where sailing and hiking are some of the most popular activities for tourists. The same things are popular in the Maddalena archipelago, which also boasts of a beautiful snorkeling site. 

When you are planning to rent a motorboat in Italy, the best way to plan your trip ahead is through Sailogy. Choose from a wide range of boats available and within a few clicks, you can consider your wonderful Italian holiday booked!