Rent a Motorboat in Rhodes

Motorboat Hire in Rhodes

Rhodes is the beautiful capital of Dodecanese. You can rent a motorboat in Rhodes for you to explore the many beautiful sights and tourist attractions in the area. While motorboat rentals seem to be a luxury for others, it is, in fact, a practical mode of transportation when in Rhodes. Ferry rides can get quite pricey, pricier compared to some plane rides! And since there’s a lot of places to visit, island hopping adventures to enjoy, and so much more, getting around with a motorboat would definitely be the more practical choice. 

Rent a motorboat in Rhodes so you can start exploring this wonderful island and all it has to offer. You would have to dock your boat so you can travel through the UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Medieval City of Rhodes, on foot. It boasts of the glamorous, now museum, Palace of the Grand Master. There’s also the cobblestoned Street of the Knights, which is such a sight to behold. 

Right outside the walls of the Medieval City is the post office, some churches, theaters, parks, and more in the New City of Rhodes. Make a stop at the Aquarium. This is such an important facility for the Greek marine research so there’s really a lot to see here. There’s also the marvelous flora and fauna of the Rodini Park - plenty of peacocks here too! The Saint Stefanos Hill is an important place of worship that tourists visit as well. 

Since you will rent a motorboat in Rhodes, you have the chance to go on an island hopping trip at your own pace. You won’t have to get into crowded ferries with other tourists on schedule. You simply have to enjoy your own ride and you can even rent this motorboat for days or weeks at a time! You also have the choice to get a skipper or sail without a skipper. 

A motorboat is a great way to travel because it is faster and more powerful than a sailboat but tinier compared to a catamaran. If you are with a small group, then it would be a great idea to rent a motorboat in Rhodes. When you have a skipper with you, he will most likely suggest visiting Kallithea. It is a holiday resort that has a long line of hotels along the Faliraki beach. You can lounge and sunbathe here or even swim for a while. The top tourist attraction though in Kallithea would be the Roman baths, which you must try during your visit. 

You can also visit Ialissós. This is another popular resort especially for those seeking an adventure. It is popular among sailors so there would be a lot of sailboats and motorboats in this area too. You can try out windsurfing and kitesurfing if you are a fan of daring water sports.

What’s great about getting a motorboat is that you can have full control over the power and speed of your boat. This means you can enjoy so much of Rhodes within a short time compared to other tourists who would have to wait for the next ferry or guided tour schedule. 

You can rent a motorboat in Rhodes here for very reasonable prices. You can also choose to get a motorboat with or without a skipper. A skipper would be the captain of your motorboat meaning you can relax all you want without worrying about a thing. Your skipper can also let you know about the best places to visit when in Rhodes. Within a few clicks on Sailogy, you can rent a motorboat or any type of boat you would prefer for your dream Rhodes vacation!

2 boats
  • Power boat
  • 2008
  • 68 ft

Ferretti 68

Rhodes, Dodecanese

  • Skipper on board
  • 8 berths
  • 3+1 cabins
  • 3 WC
  • No security deposit
  • Included Outboard Engine
  • Air conditioning
  • Watermaker
Starting from€19,600

Boat price + skipper cost

  • Power boat
  • 2001 (refit 2021)
  • 78 ft

Posillipo 78

Rhodes, Dodecanese

  • Skipper on board
  • 10 berths
  • 4 cabins
  • 4 WC
  • Recent refit
  • No security deposit
  • Bow thruster
  • Air conditioning
Starting from€30,240

Boat price + skipper cost

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