Rent a Motorboat in Split With Skipper

Motorboat Hire in Split With Skipper

Split, the capital of Dalmatia region in Croatia has so many things to offer that even the must-see destinations require a lot of time. It is a city that showcases some of the finest Roman ruins, including a grand UNESCO World Heritage Site, has a laid-back vibe like in the Caribbean, and a gorgeous Adriatic coastline that stretches far beyond the eyes can see. The heightened up coastal mountains only increase its allure, especially when observed from a boat with the sun setting down. Moreover, the city’s coastline also has some incredibly hidden, secluded beaches and coves, along with some of the most beautiful islands within the touching distance from its shore.

So, if you were wondering what makes Split one of the most sought after sailing destination in the country, or should we say in the world, you know the answer. Furthermore, as a buzzing sailing hotspot, you won’t necessarily have to own a boat to experience the thrill of sailing through the crystal-clear, blue waters of the Adriatic Seas. Just rent a Motorboat from the array of options offered by Sailogy, and enjoy a ride aboard like it’s your own. Sailogy even offers a Motorboat rental service with skipper, eliminating the need to have a sailing license valid to use in Croatia.

Among the variety of Motorboats found in Sailogy for rental services, you would find anything from the most modern to an elegant, classy one most suitable for your need. Cosy, fast, and equipped with all the necessary safety features; renting a Motorboat from Sailogy would offer you the opportunity to explore Split in its full glory in a relatively short time.

As Sailogy also offers the chance to rent a Motorboat with skipper on board, you can just relax and chill in the magnificent weather of the Adriatic regions. Once aboard, the skipper is your captain who would navigate through the beautiful sea water at ease. He/ she is also your expert, local guide; who would be more than willing and happy to advise you on your best itineraries, no matter how much or how little time you have to spend in exploring the magnificent coves and beaches in Split and its nearby islands.

For novices and adventurists without a valid sailing license, a skipper on board is the window to experience the adrenaline rush of speeding through the unspoiled seawaters at ease. For seasoned sailors, they offer the best opportunity to enjoy a relaxing Motorboat holiday in style; without needing to worry about controlling the wheel.

Besides, they also offer the chance to have a comprehensive experience exploring the hidden coves and not so far away islands if you only have a little time to spare.  Don’t want to miss out from exploring the diverse island of Brac? What about a snorkelling opportunity in the Šolta island? Just ask your skipper, and the fast Motorboat engine expertly navigated by him/ her would swirl you to your favoured place in no time. With their expert training and years long experiences, you can just forget about the responsibilities that come along with a rental Motorboat and dive into enjoying the best time of your life with your friends and family.

The plethora of Motorboats offered by Sailogy also come with a variety of rental prices. Therefore, whether you have a tight budget, or a pocket full of money to spare; you would get a boat you like to explore the divine beauty of Split. The skipper would only be there to enhance it, not barge into your private experiences.

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