Rent a Motorboat in Zadar

Motorboat Hire in Zadar

There’s no better way to feel the beautiful soft breeze of the Adriatic Sea against your cheeks as you go full speed than when you rent a motorboat in Zara. If you love speed and power, then a motorboat would be the best way to go. Faster than a sailboat and a catamaran, but still safe and stable on the water, a motorboat can be rented in Zara with or without a skipper.

First, you must know that Zara is now more popular with its modern name - Zadar. An ancient city off the coasts of the Croatian Adriatic Sea, this is the city to visit if you’re after the beauty of the old world. It is very rich in tradition and culture. Once you set foot on its beautiful marble streets, it will feel like you were shipped back in time to a lovely era that where our forefathers have walked.

A little less spacious compared to some sailboats and definitely most catamarans, a motorboat has room for a few people allowing you to experience privacy at its best while on the sea. When you rent a motorboat in Zara with a skipper, you can sit back and relax as you enjoy the marvelous views that Zara has to offer. A skipper is a licensed and experienced captain of a motorboat who can also be your guide while cruising across Zara waters. Although you would have to set aside another seat for the skipper, share food, and your privacy with another person on the boat, the skipper can still play a very important role in showing you around Zara and pointing out those sights that are not known to many tourists.

For instance, you can ask the skipper to take you to the Old Town where you can visit the marketplace and find the freshest seafood, meat, fruits, and vegetables. There would be a ton of souvenirs that you can only find in Zara too. In the Old Town, the old women of Zara would sit to make handmade tablecloths that look grand and elegant with classic embroidery. Get a handmade lace cloth along with some salted cheese to take on the boat with you!

You may also ride your motorboat to see the amazing views of Zara from morning ‘til night. From the sea, you can have a peek at the amazing ancient architecture in the streets of Zadar. Convents and other religious buildings, ancient walls, and even the Sea Organ, which is a huge harmonica that creates a lovely sound as the waves fill its gaps underneath can all be seen from the sea.

Thousands of years of experience made Croatia one of the world’s best winemakers. Imagine they’ve been doing this from the time of the Illyrians, Greeks then Romans. Zadar is a witness of this all and so its people still managed to learn the art of wine-making. Therefore, when you visit Zara, you must stop by at the La Bodega for you to see for yourself a brilliant tunnel-like destination that will lead you to a bar and wine cellar featuring some of the city’s best wines.

At Sailogy, you can rent a motorboat in Zara and choose from a wide range of powerboats depending on your preferences. Get a large one with a skipper or a smaller one that you can sail on your own when you have a license. You may use a motorboat and rent it for a few days to a few weeks depending on how long you want to spend your holiday in the city. As early as now, we can tell you that you would to stay in Zara for a while because a couple of days would never be enough for you to see the city in all its glory.

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