Rent a Motorboat in Zadar With Skipper

Motorboat Hire in Zadar With Skipper

Even if you have a license to sail and you have tons of experience sailing your own motorboat, there are many benefits when you choose to rent a motorboat in Zara with skipper. As you sit back and relax while enjoying the magnificent views that Zara has to offer with a glass of champagne on one hand and some delicious salted cheese from Old Town of Zadar on the other.

Zara, more popularly known as Zadar, after the Province of Zara was officially dissolved in 1947 during the World War II, is now a fast-becoming in-demand tourist destination. Although many already know how beautiful this city is, it still isn’t the most popular in the Croatian region - but it is just as beautiful, even more beautiful than its neighboring cities.

If you are looking for a more peaceful and quiet luxurious vacation while in Croatia, then Zara would be the best choice. It is just as convenient and magnificent as the other sailing towns in the area, but it is not as noisy as the others. It is still a virtually undiscovered gem for many travelers, which is good news for those who chose to visit this amazing city.

At Sailogy, you can choose from a wide range of powerboats to rent when in Zadar. You can select a motorboat according to size, model, capacity, price, make, year built, and more. And as mentioned, there’s an option to take a skipper with you! These boats were inspected to assure of your safety and also to guarantee that they’re made with high standards with amenities and features that would make your vacation a convenient and comfortable one.

You may rent a motorboat in Zara for hours, days, or even weeks at a time. So when you go to this city, you don’t even have to get yourself a hotel anymore. Stay in the motorboat to see the wonderful views of Zara from the city and get from one spot to another easily. Dock in the harbor so you can explore the town on foot.

When you do explore the city of Zara, you will be in awe of its marble floors that exude class, elegance, and shows off its rich history, culture, and tradition. There are streets after streets of ancient architecture including houses of the locals, hotels, convents, religious buildings, and more.

One of the best tourist spots when in Zara is the solar dancehall. This is literally a dancefloor made with solar panels. The solar panels are designed to absorb the free and clean energy from the sun during the day. Come night time, it transforms into a lovely light source on the floor. Combined with party music as you drink some of Croatia’s best wines found only in Zara, you can dance all night long as you get to know the locals and other tourists in the area.

When you rent a motorboat in Zara, make sure to ask your skipper to take you to the Old Town. See the city’s traditions and amazing culture through the eyes of their locals. The old women of the city would weave and embroider lace tablecloths that you can buy as souvenirs during your visit. They even sell some salty cheese that you can enjoy while you’re sailing in the sea!

So if you’d like to see some of the best motorboats of all sizes and models in Zara that you can conveniently book and rent during your visit, simply browse through the Sailogy catalog. You’re on your way to a fabulous Zadar vacation within just a few clicks!

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