Rent a Motorboat in Zadar Without Skipper

Rent a Motorboat in Zadar Without Skipper

Motorboat Hire in Zadar Without Skipper

If you’re the independent person, you have a license to sail, and you have plenty of experience on a motorboat, then you can rent a boat in Zara without skipper. Skip the skipper so you can have more space on the powerboat for you and your friends and companions. You can enjoy the freedom of sailing the Adriatic Sea at your own pace and speed. You can choose the routes you want to take and the direction you wish to go to.

There are plenty of tourist sights and attractions all across Zara. It is now known as Croatia’s traditional and historic city of Zadar after the name Zara stopped being used after World War II in 1947. Today, the people of Zadar welcomes tourists left and right but continues to enjoy the peacefulness of being the less visited attraction compared to neighboring cities. Zara is just as beautiful, even more beautiful than nearby cities in Croatia. The best thing about it is that it is less visited so you can still enjoy the beauty of the city without the noise of way too many tourists.

Because not many have discovered the beautiful gem that is Zara, it is still a lot cheaper compared to neighboring sailing destinations like Dubrovnik. This means that you can enjoy attractions, food, drinks, tours, and more at a fraction of the price even if it means you will be having just as much fun and enjoyment. This is a great deal, especially when you’re on a tight budget or when you’re planning an extra long holiday in Croatia.

When you rent a motorboat in Zara without skipper, you can plan your trip ahead by checking on the sights and destinations you can visit. There’s always that opportunity to cruise across the Adriatic Sea as much and as long as you wish. But you can make stops in some of Zara’s most notable destinations. For instance, did you know that Zara is home to one of Croatia’s most beautiful churches? The church of St Donat was built using stones from the Roman Forum. Though very simple in its rounded architecture and standout position, it is still a sight to behold. It features magnificent acoustics too which makes it a perfect venue for classical music events.

Of course, you must not miss out on some of Croatia’s most delicious wines. The trip to La Bodega is an experience in itself. This is a bar and wine cellar combined in a tunnel-like location. You can choose from a long list of wines while listening and dancing to great music. If you like the great outdoors better, then you must visit The Garden, a lounge bar that overlooks the sea. Aside from delicious drinks, this drinking spot also serves healthy dishes and treats that will surely satisfy your palate.

Not a fan of Croatian beaches because of its ordinary dark sand? Zara begs to differ among all of them. Just nearby is the white sand beach of Saharun. It is the most beautiful in the Croatian region with its turquoise blue shallows. Many would say that it is the Caribbean beach of Croatia!

Wherever you wish to visit in the city, you can do so when you rent a motorboat without a skipper in Zara. Just visit Sailogy’s catalog and look through the wide range of powerboats you can choose from. Sort them by year, make, and model, or you can also check the boat’s passenger capacity, amenities, prices, and more. You will definitely have a grand time in Zara aboard a magnificent motorboat!