Rent a Sailboat in Croatia

Rent a Sailboat in Croatia

Sailboat Hire in Croatia

Many sailors, beginners and seasoned enthusiasts alike would flock to Croatia every year because it is certainly one of the finest sailing destinations in all of Europe. When you rent a sailboat in Croatia, you may do so with or without a skipper. Perhaps a couple of days wouldn’t be enough to explore all of the 2,000 islands throughout the country. So plan quite a long holiday and it is guaranteed that you will enjoy every minute of it. 

There are many ways to get to Croatia from everywhere in the world. There are 6 international airports to be exact – the airport of Pleso of Zagreb, airport Cilipi of Dubrovnik, airport Zemunik of Zadar, airport Omisalj of Rijeka, airport Valtura of Pula, and airport Kastela of Split. You can get to Croatia from all of the major cities in Europe – it is only 2 hours from London!

Croatia is so famous with sailors that there are more than 50 marinas found in the country. Experienced sailors can manage on their own, those with no experience can learn from one of the sailing schools in those marinas, and those with little experience can also rent a sailboat in Croatia with skipper. No matter your choice, your sailing adventure in Croatia would still be worth all the fun and excitement. 

There are mainland ports and anchorages where you can choose to dock while in Croatia. From here, you can travel throughout the different cities that offer the old charm of ancient history and the convenience of modernity. There are so many restaurants to choose from that lets you enjoy mouthwatering dishes and bars where you can have as many drinks as you like. If you like partying all night, the Hvar would be a great destination for you. Both Brač and Hvar are found in Central Dalmatia, which you can easily reach by sailboat from Split, where one of the international airports is. 

During the summer, the most popular anchorages would be the ones in Mljet because of the large bays and saltwater lakes that are breathtakingly magnificent. Many sailors would also hot to Peljesac – this is a famous destination for the more experienced sailors due to the weather in the area. But do not worry because when you have a skipper, you can be sure that your trip across the Croatian Adriatic would be fun, enjoyable, and most importantly, safe. 

When you rent a sailboat in Croatia, make sure that you don’t forget your sunscreen, hat, and sunglasses because it will be sunny! Leave those bulky and heavy suitcases behind to leave enough room in your sailboat for more important things like food and drinks! If you plan to get off some of the marinas and reefs, make sure you’re wearing safe aqua shoes that will protect your feet from sea urchins and sharp stones on the beaches. These are not life-threatening situations but can get painful and might destroy the holiday experience for you. 

As earlier mentioned, there are a number of sailing schools in Croatia mainly because there are so many marinas, sailboats, and sailors around. So if you haven’t gotten the chance to learn more about sailing or to practice your skills, you must grab this opportunity. If you are still not confident enough to set sail on your own, then make sure you have a skipper with you during your travels. 

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