Rent a Sailboat in Greece Without Skipper

Sailboat Hire in Greece Without Skipper

Greece has a lot of beautiful islands to explore, each offering something unique and different for a truly wholesome trip where fun never ends. When you rent a sailboat in Greece, you can explore the many layers and colors of the Greek islands in a distinct and exciting way. The sailing yacht gives you access to the main attractions, as well as the less visited islands and bays where you can have a more intimate and private experience with your loved ones. If you have an experience in sailing and have the necessary skills and license, you can also rent a sailboat in Greece without skipper. It allows you to be the captain of your own ship, and shape your own itinerary for a one-of-a-kind vacation experience far from the usual crowd of tourists. 

There are many wonderful attractions in Greece. The main islands of Santorini, Mykonos and Rhodes attract the main swarm of tourists round the year, but especially in the months of summer when the weather is ideal for outdoor activities and sailing. Almost all the islands are easily accessible when you rent a sailboat in Greece without skipper from the ports of Athens or Lavrion. But let’s talk about the islands let visited for a more intimate and romantic sailing trip. Escape the maddening crowds and visit the tranquil and beautiful island of Anafi. It is an 11 hours trip when you rent a sailboat in Greece without skipper from the port of Athens. However, you can cut the route shorter by renting a sailboat from Santorini which is nearer to Anafi. The island is famous for its wonderful Cycladic-style oasis. The beautiful beaches of Klisidi and Roukounas offer a lot of scenic beauty with vast stretches of turquoise waters, guarded by less visited sandy shores for taking a romantic stroll in the evenings. Another famous spot on the island is Theotokou Kalamiotissa which is a white church built over the peak of Mount Kalamos. 

One of the smaller gems of Cyclades is the Koufonisia Island. It has the most spectacularly azure blue water. The island is just a short trip from Naxos when you rent a sailboat in Greece without skipper, and you can also take the longer route from Athens and visit other islands on the way. This island is quite small, and if you wish to stay here during vacations you need to plan well ahead of time as it is often low on accommodations. The beautiful culture and lifestyle grasp the interest of culture and history buffs. 

If you are looking for breathtaking sceneries, rugged and naturally shaped landscapes, beautiful mountainous backdrops with a unique and beautiful culture, pay a visit to the island of Karpathos. It is easily accessible when you rent a sailboat in Greece without skipper from the ports of Athens or Lavrion. You’ll find women adorned in colorful and vibrant traditional clothes that reflect on the ancient folk influences. It is also a great place to stop by for some local treats and drinks, as well as delicious home baked goods that will warm your hearts. The island has sallower reefs as compared to other spots in Greece, making snorkeling the most popular activity in the area. It is a diver’s paradise with abundance of marine life, as well as intriguing shipwrecks and underwater cliffs that are worth exploring. 

Rent a sailboat in Greece without skipper with Sailogy, and enjoy the wonderful offers and cost effective value offered on the sailboats. Plan your own itinerary around the turquoise sea of Greece and have a personalized experience.

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