Rent a Sailboat in Italy

Sailboat Hire in Italy

Many travelers would fly to Italy to visit some of the most popular tourist cities and destinations. There’s the capital city of Rome, then Milan for those who are into fashion and all things glamorous. Of course, no one will ever forget the city of canals, Venice, and the wonderful art capital of Florence. While all these are great destinations, there’s no better way to see more of what this European country can offer than when you rent a sailboat in Italy

Italy is popular all around the world for so many things – food, fashion, film, architecture, art, museums, and so much more. But it is also arguably one of the best and most popular sailing destinations in the world. Sailing amateurs and professionals alike would go to the various islands around the country and enjoy everything that this Mediterranean gem has to offer. 

While others might think that Italy is one of the oldest countries in the world, it actually only became a country in 1871. Despite this, it managed to preserve its rich history, heritage, and culture, which made it one of the most amazing places to go to for a holiday. A day or two would never be enough to enjoy the best of Italy. If you’re going to rent a sailboat in Italy, you can explore even more and go on a fabulous adventure that you will certainly remember for a lifetime. 

For many sailors, Italy is a great jump-off location for you to sail across the Mediterranean Sea or the Adriatic Ocean in order to go to other European sailing destinations. But Italy, on its own, has so many islands and destinations to offer too. For instance, you can visit the Maddalena archipelago where sailing is a popular sport. There are also parks, beaches, snorkeling sites, and even hiking tours that you can join. 

From the sea, you will have the best view of the cliffside villages on the Amalfi coast. This Sorrentine Peninsula coast also boasts of magnificent beaches, majolica ceramics, and of course, limoncello liqueur. There’s also the resort town of Amalfi which has a charming port and some medieval architecture such as the Museo Arselae Amalfi. The ancient Sant’Andrea Cathedral is also a great place to say a prayer, and who knows, one of your wishes may be granted here too!

More than 50 million tourists flock to Italy yearly. You can be just like one of them who can see the usual tourist spots and join the popular guided tours. On the other hand, you can have a grander time and more memorable holiday when you rent a sailboat in Italy. This enables you to see the beauty of Italy from the sea, explore the roads less traveled, visit the magnificent yet not as popular and crowded islands, and so much more. 

When in Italy, it is impossible for you to miss out on the authentic dishes from pizza to pasta to meats and more. There's also the fabulous and most delicious Italian wines you can taste straight from some of the 700,000+ hectares of Italian vineyards! While you’re at it, why not try a wine tasting tour too?

Whether you’re going with or without a skipper, you can select from a wide range of boats that will suit your requirements. A few clicks on Sailogy to look at some of the boats available would make your preparations for the best Italian holiday the most convenient ever!

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