Rent a Sailboat in Sicily

Rent a Sailboat in Sicily

Sailboat Hire in Sicily

Sicily isn’t necessarily the first place you think of when considering a boating holiday. However, it’s one you should be! You can rent a sailboat in Sicily and enjoy the warmth of the Mediterranean, calm seas, and light winds. 

In fact, it’s perfect for sailors with limited experience. If you’ve got experience then you’ll find there’s plenty to challenge you around the coast of Sicily and you can even sail through the Aeolian Islands. 

This is more than just a taste of the Mediterranean Sea, the Aeolian islands are unique in that the seven islands are connected by a 200km ridge which effectively runs from Mount Etna on Sicily to Mount Vesuvius.

Don’t forget, Mount Etna is the most active volcano in Europe and one of the most active in the world. Sail around Sicily and you’re sure to see some smoke and perhaps even some larva. 

If you’re hoping to rent a sailboat in Sicily, you can choose from an array of sailboats to ensure you have the right number of berths. The set your sails and you’re ready to leave port.

If you need any guidance, regarding the right sailboat or whether you should have a skipper or not, we have a great customer service team ready to help you.

Sicily has a wealth of history and has been influenced by many cultures over the last 2,500 years, you may find that you struggle to see and enjoy everything properly in the space of just one week!

A good place to start is Palermo, the capital of the island. It sits on the northern coast in the Golden Basin, a natural inlet with an abundance of stunning beaches. You’ll also find green oasis dotted across the city, such as the impressive Orto Botanico. The real delight is a hike up Monto Pellegrino, the mountain that sits behind the city. From here you’ll enjoy stunning views of the bay before you set sail and appreciate the same view from the sea.

Palermo also has an array of intriguing architectural gems, such as the Royal Palace, the cathedral, and the Catacombs of Cappuccini. 

Once you’ve collected your boat you can unfurl the mainsail and head out into open waters. It’s a good idea to head east you’ll find Cefalu, one of the prettiest towns in the Med, although it can get very busy in the summer. You’ll want to see the old port and pier and check out the Norman cathedral.

Sail further along this coast and you’ll pass Capo d’Orlando and Patti, both pretty towns worth a look. But, it’s as you pass the northeastern peak and head towards Messina you’ll find your breath is literally taken away. The gap between Sicily and Italy is surprisingly small, you’ll be able to see both sets of land, it’s a unique experience. It’s worth stopping at Messina to appreciate the 3rd largest city on the island. You’ll want to see Porta Graza, the Fountain of Orion, and check out the giant statues of Mata and Grifone. 

Moving down the eastern coast you’ll find Catania, this is the second-largest city and it’s at the foot of Mount Etna. The buildings are made of black lava stone, it’s a remarkable sight! Don’t forget to visit the Piazza del Duomo and the Cyclops Rocks just a few miles down the coast.

Continuing around the island you’ll find a host of beautiful towns, welcoming residents, and impressive secluded bays to explore. It really is the experience of a lifetime and you’ll be back for more.

Check out and speak to our first-class customer service crew, they’ll help you to rent a sailboat in Sicily and have the experience of your life