Rent a Sailboat in Split Without Skipper

Sailboat Hire in Split Without Skipper

Whether you are a seasoned sailor or an enthusiast just beginning to get into the sailing lifestyle, Split – the largest city in Dalmatia, Croatia is the place to be. Not only the Adriatic Sea floating by its shore offers some exquisite sight to behold forever, the city has a sailing demographic capable of satisfying even its most demanding visitors. We, at Sailogy, is also prepared with an array of luxurious sailboats and other delightful water vessels to rent and magnify your experience by many folds.

Renting a sailboat is of course the best way to explore the Adriatic Sea in Split at a speed that complements the laid-back vibe of the city. At Sailogy, we offer sailboat rental services with or without skipper. The sailboat rental service with skipper is perfect for the newcomers, or someone who doesn’t have a sailing licence.

For the sailors with a license of their own, there is nothing better than the freedom, flexibility and the most personal experience offered by our sailboat rental without skipper. You just choose your boat, and get on sailing into the beautiful waters of the Adriatic Sea. The water is great to set your sails on, with the winds carrying you towards its abundance of secluded beaches, coves, and other magnificent locations.

The best time to set your sails in Split is between May and September, during the summer season. The sun would be shining brightly, giving you a tan; while the water would be at its bluest, reflecting the clear sky above. Summer, more specifically the month of July, is also the time when music lovers flock to Split from all over the world to attend Ultra Europe – the world’s biggest electronic dance music (EDM) festival.

Renting a boat from Sailogy without skipper would allow you to make the boat truly your own, albeit for the duration you rent it for. The seafront is named as Riva, which is frequented by hundreds of travellers. The wind is much gentle here, perfect for taking an evening walk after a day full of activities. Just anchor your boat somewhere on the shore, and you would be experiencing the delightful view of the peninsula glowing under the dusk light, while the breeze fills you up with ecstatic feeling. Don’t forget to have a prolonged at the coastal mountains rising above the city, for they create a magical charm under the moving shadow of the basking sun.

With the complete freedom to sail towards anywhere your heart pleases, you can also take the opportunity to explore the nearby islands such as Brač and Šolta. Brač may look not so attractive at the first glance, but the island is buzzing with backpackers and luxury travellers alike. Whereas, Šolta lies only 9 nautical miles away, and can be easily mistaken as the suburb of the bustling city. If you want to anchor your boat and walk into the island to explore its lifestyle, don’t forget to have a sip from a glass of Dobričić wine, or collect a bottle of local honey. There are also numerous beaches on both of these islands, offering sunbathers a quiet time usually hard to find in the bustling mainland.

With a collection of some of the most modern sailboats, an ability to rent a boat without skipper, as well as a rental fee and deals that is hard to believe; Sailogy is the one-stop company for renting a sailboat in Split. Moreover, we also provide with the necessary guidelines and route maps, greatly beneficial for lesser known sailors in Split.

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