Rent a Sailboat in Zadar

Rent a Sailboat in Zadar

Sailboat Hire in Zadar

In the Croatian region where many set sail for a relaxing holiday, Zara is a virtually undiscovered jewel that many still not experience. Now known as the city of Zadar, you can rent a sailboat in Zara so you can see for yourself the breathtaking beauty the city has to offer.

Zadar is the best way for you to enjoy Croatia, since you can avoid the noisy and bustling crowd. If you’ve been considering Dubrovnik but thinking twice because of the busy sailing schedule, then Zadar would be a great choice to go to instead. It is just as beautiful and almost undisturbed. Although many tourists and travelers are beginning to discover this wonderful Croatian jewel, it can still give you a quiet and peaceful vacation.

Before you set sail in Zara, you can first explore its marble-lined streets. Old architecture makes you feel like you’re stuck in time. Perhaps sometime in the Roman era except for this time, you can enjoy the modernity the new world has to offer. It is much cheaper in Zara compared to nearby cities like Dubrovnik so if you’re on a budget, then Zara would be a better choice.

When you rent a sailboat in Zara, you have a choice between going with and without a skipper. A skipper is basically the captain of the ship. Sailboats are relatively easy to maneuver when you have experience. Of course, you also need a license. If you don’t have a license and no sailing experience, then you should definitely hire a skipper along with the boat you rented.

Hiring a skipper means you can enjoy the best of the views Zara has to offer. Discover the Sea Organ, an architectural sound art object that gives you an harmonica sound as the waves hit its tubes, hidden beneath a marble stairs. There’s also the old walls of Zara, beautiful buildings, a solar disco right beside the shore, and so many more. The skipper will point out to you all those beautiful tourist sights so you won’t miss a thing.

Another option would be to rent a sailboat in Zara without a skipper. If you do this, you should have a license to sail and have sailing experience too. The sailboats you can rent in Sailogy are sturdy and reliable, plus we won’t let you set sail when the weather is not pleasant. Even so, we would require you to have at least proper knowledge and experience for the sake of your safety.

At {SITE_NAME}, you can rent a sailboat in Zara in all shapes and sizes. Sailboats are smaller compared to most motorboats and catamarans so there’s less space for larger groups. This is why we have many tourists renting multiple sailboats at a time.

While Zara is still relatively quiet compared to neighboring towns and cities in Croatia, you can experience even more privacy and silence while you’re out in the sea. Sailboats are quite an affordable treat especially if you’re traveling with your family. Some sailboats are spacious enough to accommodate more than 7 people at a time. You can even rent a sailboat in Zara for weeks at a time! So that means you no longer have to get hotel accommodation while in the city.

And before we conclude this, you should know that Zadar is just a boat ride from Saharun, one of the most if not the most beautiful beach towns in Croatia. Unlike the rest of the Croatian beaches with dark sand beaches, Saharun boasts of white sand and turquoise waters! This is definitely a must-visit when you rent a sailboat in Zara.

Before setting sail, make sure you order as much of Zara’s famous seafood cuisines as you like! You will surely enjoy being on a sailboat while Zara when there’s plenty of delicious treats and drinks!