Rent a Sailboat in Zadar Without Skipper

Sailboat Hire in Zadar Without Skipper

Do you want to go on a unique and memorable sailing vacation in the Croatian region? If you’re looking for something more peaceful and relaxing than the usual, then you must definitely consider to rent a sailboat in Zara without skipper. Zara, now known as Zadar, is a cheaper alternative to more populated and busier tourist sights and sailing destinations in the Adriatic Sea, but it is just as beautiful. In fact, many who have uncovered this beautiful gem says that Zara is even more magnificent and enjoyable compared to its neighboring towns!

Zadar has numerous tourist destinations to offer - great views from the sea and just as great experiences when you explore the town on foot. Its marble floors across the city make each street corner a fabulous spot for photos. The town is truly picturesque! There are national parks, old architecture, religious buildings, and many more. How about a cruise to the Krka National Park? You can even swim in its emerald green waters and adore the beauty of the crescent waterfalls.

If you’re into beaches, then sail towards the nearby Saharun - a must-see when you’re visiting Croatia. If you’re not too enthusiastic about Croatian beaches because of the dark sand, Saharun will make turn your opinion around. It has white sand and turquoise shallows that make it just as beautiful as the Caribbean. The best of it is that not a lot of people flock in this area so you can still enjoy its untouched, quiet, peaceful, and relaxing surroundings.

From the sea, you will see the Sea Organ, which pretty much looks like marble steps leading to the water. More than just steps where tourists and locals can sit down and enjoy, this is actually a giant harmonica! When water fills its gaps, each wave will produce a lovely sound effect that’s music to your ears.

And on sunset, you can see the solar dancehall light up. Yes, this dancehall right beside the sea is made with solar panels that absorb energy throughout the day. By sunset, it begins to light up. Locals and tourists flock this area to dance the night away with great music and drinks!

Speaking of drinks, Zara is home to the La Bodega - a tunnel-like structure that leads to a wine cellar featuring some of Croatia’s best wines. Even if you’re not too much into wines, going to the La Bodega is still an experience worth trying out.

A great tip from locals would be to sail from the main harbor to the city’s Old Town area. This is where you will find the city’s older citizens still immersed in tradition. Old women make lace tablecloths that are embroidered to perfection - a souvenir you can get to remember Zara by. You can even buy Pag cheese from them! These are traditions that Zara enjoyed for more than 8 centuries now so it’s definitely a must-try experience when you go to the area.

There’s much to enjoy in Zara because of its rich culture and traditions. When you rent a sailboat in Zara without skipper, you can be the captain of your ship and decide where to head to next. In Sailogy, you can choose from sailboats that you can rent for days to weeks at a time. There’s even no need for hotel accommodations anymore because the sailboats available are well-equipped and comes with features and amenities that will make your stay comfortable and convenient.

If you have a license to sail and experience in sailing on your own, you absolutely have the option to rent a sailboat in Zara without skipper to enjoy the privacy and freedom of sailing across the Adriatic Sea on your own.

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