7 days itinerary - Discovering Aeolian Islands

7 days itinerary - Discovering Aeolian Islands

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The seven pearls of the fantastic archipelago of the Aeolian Islands are Lipari, Salina, Vulcano, Alicudi, Filicudi, Panarea and Stromboli. 
These seven islands are all a volcanic origin and emerge from the crystal clear sea, with wild beauty, their unspoiled nature and authentic atmosphere that make this archipelago one of the most beautiful in the Mediterranean. 

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Thanks to their beauty and the volcanic phenomena that take place there, the Aeolian Islands are part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Aeolian Islands are a magical place where history and myth merge, where you can ascend to smoking volcanoes or visit fishing villages. Although similar, the seven islands are different from each other. Lipari is the one with the most urban aspect, Panarea is certainly the most fashionable, Filicudi is the most radical-chic.  The wilder the remote Alicudi is, the more peaceful the Salina is, while Stromboli and Vulcano retain a primordial charm.

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Day 1 - Portorosa


Portorosa has grown up to date to become an exclusive point of attraction for the most sophisticated tourist clientele. The complex is fully surrounded by greenery, ensuring tourists relaxation and privacy.
This corner of sea boasts the Blue Flag. It is, therefore, a port that perfectly combines respect for the environment with the needs of all travellers who decide to embark to discover the beauty of the nearby Aeolian Islands.

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Day 2 - Vulcano


Vulcano is the southernmost of all Aeolian Islands with its large crater inactive since the 19th century.
Once you are in Vulcano, you have to climb up to the crater. A unique experience that will throw you into a surreal world. Once at the top you will enjoy a spectacular view of all the other islands of the Aeolian archipelago. Even more exciting will be waiting for the sunset.
Don't miss the thermal mud pool, one of the main attractions of Vulcano.

Day 3 - Lipari


The biggest of the Aeolian Islands is Lipari. The Greeks called it Lipara, which means bright and fertile.
Lipari has everything you wight look during your vacation: architectural beauties, churches, unique lookouts, beaches to explore, sports to do and intense nightlife.
Not to be missed is a visit to Belvedere di Quattrocchi, the most evocative viewpoint on the island.
The wild beach of Gabbiano, a paradise for snorkelers, can only be reached by boat.

Day 4 - Stromboli


Once in Stromboli, you can moor at punta Scari. Here you can immediately notice the charm of the island, surrounded by colours and scents unique in the world: high cliffs and beaches of black sand, white Mediterranean houses and the green of olive and citrus trees that rest on a rugged volcanic cone. 
One of the most fascinating moments to experience is the sunset; the setting sun acquires a reddish colour that illuminates the sky and then disappear in the water.

Day 5 - Salina


Salina is the greenest island of the Aeolian archipelago, famous for the Nature Reserve that occupies more than half of the territory. 
Do not miss a visit to Santa Marina where, in addition to the largest and most equipped marina of the Aeolian Islands, you will find a city full of shops and restaurants, where you can also visit the Museum of Wine. This island is the most lively one thanks to the clubs that in the evening are crowded for nightlife.


Day 6 - Alicudi


Alicudi is the wildest island in the archipelago. Even before disembarking, you can understand that it is one of those places where time seems to have stopped.
Totally absent ATMs, pharmacies and banking offices, no trendy clubs, pubs or discos. This is the charm of Alicudi: living off the essentials and the beauty of nature, living well and with little. Alicudi gives you all the flavour of an ancient itinerary, a paradise in miniature.

Day 7 - Filicudi


As soon as you arrive at Filicudi Porto, you can admire the wild charm of the island. From here you can reach Monte Guardia, one of the most exclusive places of Filicudi, the only point from which you can observe the beautiful landscapes of the six sisters and the Sicilian coast. 
A stop not to be missed is to climb the promontory of Capo Graziano, about half an hour's walk from the port, one of the most important places for wind archaeology.