Amazing Holidays, Enthralling Sailing Experiences in Corfu

Amazing Holidays, Enthralling Sailing Experiences in Corfu

What to do when sailing in Corfu?

Rent a Boat In Corfu – Amazing Holidays, Enthralling Sailing Experiences

Corfu is a beautiful place with a rich history. To the north, you see magnificent, cragged mountains. Inside, you find the countryside that is beautiful in its own right. Every corner seems to have its own enchanting history.

Go sailing and Rent a boat Corfu!

If you love boating you can hire a boat and set off from the port of Corfu. You can go to Igoumenitsa, or Patra, or Paxi, or Zakynthos. If you are in the mood just for sailing you can wander about and come back to the port. Do not go to Zakynthos unless you are a seasoned sailor, it is quite far away. The others are just a few hours away. Renting a boat in Corfu can help you do a whole lot more.

And sailing in Corfu after renting a boat is surely delightful. Corfu has a very picturesque West Coast. There are small, delightful local beaches. You can reach these beaches on your boat. You can also try out water sports here. The locals can often tell you which beach you should go to depending on what you are looking for (sunbathing/ swimming/ clear water/ children friendly/water sports etc.). The best coastal view, however, is from Lakones, which is a village a few kilometres away. It is not thronged by tourists, and has preserved its natural beauty.

If you are a history legend buff, definitely sail to the beach of Ermones. It is a pebbly beach that is said to be the beach where Odysseus met Nausicaa.

There are many such beaches and you can explore them on your boat easily. Rent a boat in Corfu to start off.

What to do When Offshore?

When you are not sailing, there are plenty of things to do in Corfu. You must visit the Palace of St. Michael and St. George. It houses the Museum of Asian Art. It is a beautiful museum whose architecture is only rivalled by the art it displays. It has over 10,000 artefacts expertly labelled and explained in English.  If you really like museums, do visit the Antivouniotissa Museum. It is stunningly built, and the timber-roof looks straight out of a fantasy movie. It houses artefacts from the Byzantine and the post-Byzantine period.

Also, do visit the Church of Agios Spyridon. It is beautiful, with a little bit of colour that makes it stand out from among the surroundings. It has the casket of St Spyridon, who is Corfu’s patron saint, still revered by the locals. The casket that has his relics is stunning to behold. It is elaborately built.

Once you have seen the places you wanted to and feel tired of the crowd, head over to Palaio Frourio. This place has a fascinating history of various civilizations. It was originally a Byzantine castle. On the ruins of this castle, the Venetians built the present landmark. When the British came, they changed it according to their own sensibilities.

Places you Must Eat At?

You must not forget to visit the famous taverns and cafes in Corfu. The one thing you will notice here is that all these places are humble and provide simple service with a smile, even though they have big bragging rights.

Head over to Mikro Cafe for bonding with the locals. If you are lucky you might get to see some form of live entertainment. The raised terrace is a sight to behold. Another must-visit is To Stavrodomi. You can find delicious local food here. The ambience is very home-like, and you feel quite comfortable here. All of the food here is excellent, but the one dish that you absolutely cannot miss at To Stavrodomi is the pork on a spit. It is said that this joint makes it the best on the whole island. The local name of the dish is ‘kontosouvli’. Another place you should visit, which is, in fact, a legend in its own right, is Klimataria. The locals lovingly call it Bellos, named after its owner, Kostas.

Rent a Boat in Corfu from Us!

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