Rent a Boat in Ibiza: tips for the best sailing vacation ever

Rent a Boat in Ibiza: tips for the best sailing vacation ever

Hiring a boat in Ibiza is the best way to discover this amazing island. Have a look at Sailogy suggestions

The chartering a boat: it is a great way to visit Ibiza 

He writes Ibiza and pronounce "fun": the most famous of the Balearic Islands , also called the White Island, is known worldwide for his double identity which allows it to be a beautiful day location for tourists looking for recreation and relaxation on its beautiful beaches and place of wild night parties in some of the best clubs on the planet. Visit by the chartering of sailboats or motor boats is, even more than for other destinations, not only the best way but also the most convenient.

For many years now that Ibiza is overrun by crowds of tourists of all kinds and for some time in this part of the island council seeks to promote a type of tourism more relaxed and friendly than partying, though favoring the construction of luxury hotels and doing so raise even more prices. Precisely for this reason to the island via boat rental, especially if the vessels in question are equipped with housings comfortable enough, becomes both a means to more easily to the beaches less busy than a ploy to save considerably in avoiding accommodation on the mainland.

Ibiza is part of the Balearic archipelago although sometimes together with nearby Formentera and a few other islands grouped into Pityusic Islands . It has a climate typically Mediterranean with the great advantage of a relatively dry summer in which temperatures are never excessive and sultry.

Apart from Ibiza itself, its other major cities are Santa Eulària des Riu and Sant Antoni de Portmany , for a population of about one hundred and thirty thousand people who of course in the summer is growing dramatically.

It has become over time a favorite ever by the young all over the world because dell'intensissima nightlife divided between Ibiza and Sant Antoni de Portmany are many clubs and discos assets mainly from June to September, a period in which much part of the most famous deejay world is now used to play several times in this capital of techno.

It is an ideal location for this type of tourism: the beautiful beaches and crystal clear water allow revelers all occasions of relaxation, tranquility and rest during the day to recharge your energies in view of continuous night parties.

The island is of course equipped to deal with every type of demand by tourists and there are bars and clubs on the beach, high-class restaurants and many entertainment facilities and water sports.

Visit Ibiza on board a catamaran, a yacht charter, motor boat or a sailboat is beneficial not only for the chance to stay on board, but also for the fact that it becomes much easier to move and reach the less frequented beaches , which usually they are those of the northern portion of the island, as well as more relaxation, privacy and tranquility.

See our offers taking advantage of volume discounts and last minute bargains: we have solutions within the reach of every need and every budget, with prices much lower than those provided by facilities on the island and can guarantee more freedom of movement for both those without license boating and therefore needs a skipper for those who prefer to be in command of the vessel with solution bareboat

But planning a holiday in Ibiza, because of the extreme freedom of movement guaranteed by a boat rental, do not mean to be limited to that single island for as long as: they are therefore possible excursions and tours of all the main sights of the Balearic and You can then organize your cruise to touch even the various "sisters" of the White Island.

So here you can see first of all Formentera , the closest, famous for its salt pans in which one can get around in impressive piles of salt and soak in water color vaguely pinkish or Mallorca with its famous Dragon Caves and the underground lake Martel , or even the less frequented and most feature Menorca , where you should visit the town of Ciutadella that lies at the bottom of a narrow fjord.

Returning then to our Ibiza, between the beaches most notable please report the Cala Bassa , very suitable for families with children because of its shallow waters; Talamanca which is the largest beach and full of opportunities for tourists Sports; Ses Salines that is perhaps the most attractive from the point of view of nature, with an incredibly fine white sand and lush vegetation, and finally, for those who want a more active and festive scene during the day, Playa d'en Bossa which is the beach with the largest number of clubs, bars and outdoor parties, attracting the largest number of boys and girls.

Among the clubs, finally, it is necessary to recall the most important and least known, true pilgrimage by the people of the night following the most well-known DJs: Amnesia, Space, Privilege, Eden and DC10 are just some of the names by which they leave for who wants to live this island also and especially at night.

Ibiza visit at least once in their lives is mandatory for anyone who travels the world in search of fun and beauty , do it with boat rental is the ideal solution , able to guarantee savings and the ability to reach locations that would be impossible to see!