Best beaches in Dubrovnik

Best beaches in Dubrovnik

Discover the best spots in and around one of the biggest cities of Dalmatia

Dubrovnik is the second biggest city in Croatia and is located in the southernmost part of the Dalmatia region. This city boasts a unique natural and historical beauty, with buildings that have been declared World Heritage by UNESCO and breathtaking landscapes in and around. It attracts many tourists from around the world, who spend their holidays exploring the beautiful city surrounded by the famous old walls and enjoying the numerous beaches scattered around the coast. 

The beaches in Dubrovnik are the real highlight. Don't expect to find white sand and turquoise waters here, because this line of coast is characterized by a unique conformation: rugged and wild, with fine shingle shorelines and rocks. A beautiful, rough landscape that captures everyone's heart! 

Whether you prefer absolute peace or have fun in exclusive bars and clubs, here's our list of top beaches not to be missed when in Dubrovnik. 

Best beaches in Dubrovnik Croatia

1) Copacabana beach Dubrovnik

2) Banje Beach Dubrovnik

3) Sunset Beach 

4) Sveti Jakov Beach Dubrovnik

5) Betina Cave Beach 

6) Bard Mala Buza 

7) Pasjaca Beach Dubrovnik

8) Coral Beach Club Dubrovnik

Copacabana Beach

Set in the wealthy area of Babin Kuk, Copacabana Beach is one of Dubrovnik's best beaches. This half-moon pebbled beach is the perfect spot for those who love to have fun while enjoying the amazing sea: here, in fact, you can entertain yourself with various water activities as well as enjoy the many services provided on the beach. The bars and restaurants that overlook the beach offer amazing food and drinks and pamper you with table service if requested. 

The beach is also fabulous for families - the inflatable water park is the biggest attraction for kids and the shallow waters make it a safe spot for enjoying a peaceful holiday. We recommend not to miss the beautiful colors of Copacabana's sunsets! 


Banje Beach

This is the most famous beach in Dubrovnik and definitely one of the most beautiful in the whole area. The beach is located just a few minutes' walk from the historical center, which means you can enjoy the amazing scenario of the old town's walls while swimming in the turquoise waters.

Being one of Dubrovnik's prime locations means that this stripe of sand is often very crowded: the pebbled beach is run by the famous EastWest Beach Club and has loungers and parasols on offer, while the stonier sides are free to use but have no natural shades. On the beach, you can also find the renowned Banje Restaurant, which attracts younger crowds with parties, DJ sets, and delicious cocktails. 


Sunset Beach

Located on the Lapad peninsula, the tourist part of the city, this beach is also known as Uvala Lapad Beach. The pabbled bay entertains tourists with many water activities while offering different bathing options, and it is bordered by a beautiful promenade full of bars and restaurants. From there, you can easily reach the city center as the beach is located a few minutes from the old town. 

As it can be deduced from its name, this beach is also perfect for enjoying amazing sunset scenarios while sipping a cocktail. 



Sveti Jakov Beach 

Sveti Jakov is where locals usually head to. You can reach it after a beautiful walk on a pine-fringed boulevard and a short staircase that leads to a spectacular and remote bay surrounded by rocks and a crystal clear sea. There, you can swim while enjoying the view of the city of Dubrovnik in the distance. A beach bar and a restaurant are also available on this beach, where you can rent umbrellas and sun beds. 

It is not a coincidence that this beach has been chosen by several magazines as one of the most beautiful beaches in Croatia. If you're visiting this area, this is definitely a spot not to be missed!  


Betina Cave Beach

If you're looking for a breathtaking location, Betina Cave is the right place for you. This hidden gem of Dubrovnik is a corner of paradise and can only be reached by sea. You will be immediately enchanted by this beautiful bay located in a rock cave, surrounded by turquoise waters: a spectacle reserved for those who venture by swimming, with a kayak or a private boat.  

The area surrounding the bay is a great place for snorkeling, as the clear waters and rocky cliffs offer the perfect location to spot some marine fauna. The beach is rocky, so we suggest wearing bathing shoes to enjoy the experience to the fullest!


Bard Mala Buza

In Dubrovnik, you can literally enjoy history and nature at the same time: Bard Mala Buza is in fact an artificial beach located right along the old walls of the city. There are many similar beaches scattered along the walls, but this one is definitely not to be missed: the romantic atmosphere of this terraced beach makes it a great location for couples that want to enjoy some quality time together. 

The adventurous cliff divers can jump in the waters right off the cliffs, otherwise, you can access the sea from a concrete staircase. On this beach, you can also find a bar that provides sun beds and refreshments. An alternative location that is totally worth a visit! 


Pasjaca Beach

Once only popular amongst the locals, this amazing beach is one of Dubrovnik's most spectacular locations, which boasts of being the best beach in the whole of Croatia. A paved path along the steep cliff leads to one of the most beautiful scenarios you will possibly witness: a thin half-moon of sand surrounded by reddish rocks and turquoise waters. 

The view of this beach is most enjoyable from the sea, from which you can perfectly notice the amazing contrast between the rocks and the water. 




Coral Beach Club 

We end up our list of best beaches in Dubrovnik with an exclusive location, perfect for those who love to be spoilt by comforts and enjoy the day in absolute relaxation. In the city, there are many private clubs but the Coral Beach Club is most certainly one of the prettiest (and free): the beach, located in the Lapad peninsula, boasts an exclusive bathhouse, elegantly furnished with wooden elements that give a chic look. On the pebbled beach,  you can rent comfy couches and enjoy the beautiful view of the sea. 

In the bathhouse, you can also find a lounge bar, where you can taste amazing cocktails accompanied by great music. To access Coral Beach Club you don't need to use the services provided nor get a membership, but you can simply take advantage of the free upper part of the beach.