Book a sailing holiday in Kotor

Book a sailing holiday in Kotor

From Kotor you can sail the Southern Croatia and explore the coast of Montenegro on a sailboat

Kotor is a medieval town at the very end of a peninsula located on the north side of the Montenegro coastline. The closest airports are Tivat (7 km), Podgorica (90 km) and Dubrovnik (100 km). This a an ideal and suggestive departure point for sailing holidays in and around the Montenegro peninsula and towards the southern part of Croatia.

The Sail Hunter travelled to Kotor by car (there’s also a car park at the harbor), and said that this is one of the most picturesque places he has ever visited. The gulf is actually a submerged river canyon surrounded by high mountains,and there are countless inlets and bays scattered around, just waiting to be discovered. One of the advantages of renting a sailboat from Montenegro--for those of us in the Euro zone, that is--is that the country has already adopted the euro as its official currency.

Though rather small (about a dozen boats) our Sailogy partner’s charter fleet here is in good condition. A sailing holiday beginning from Kotor is one that is destined to be beautiful: don’t miss a visit to the town of Kotor itself, it’s really a little gem.

Nearby bases to Kotor are the base of Tivat, the base of Bar and the base of Dubrovnik