British Virgin Islands Yacht Charter

British Virgin Islands Yacht Charter

The Perfect Family Vacation – Use a British Virgin Islands Yacht Charter Today

There is no better way to enjoy a family vacation than when using a British Virgin Islands yacht charter.  Really, you and your family are not going to find a better vacation and let’s be honest, the BVI is one of the best sailing destinations of all times.  Who wouldn’t want to head there this year?

British Virgin Islands Yacht Charter

The British Virgin Islands has generally nice warm weather from January to December making it a sensationally perfect destination today.  The currents are usually calm and winds low which means that no matter when you want to visit it will be great.  The BVI does have a huge variety of amazing aquamarine life which you can enjoy watching or even studying if you plan to do some deep sea diving. 

When you look into a British Virgin Islands yacht charter you can do what you want to.  This means you can spend a weekend or week on the water splitting your time between sailing from port to port and then heading on shore to spend time on the sandy beaches.  Of course, you and your family can explore location tourist hot spots as well as enjoy the gorgeous scenery and for the adults, you can check out some ‘pirate’ bars.  If you want a more exhilarating adventure you could even go on a shipwreck dive which is very unique indeed.

Learn a New Culture

Why not try out the French Caribbean cuisine.  This fusion of cuisines is really very lovely and you are absolutely going to love trying something new.  There is still plenty for the family to enjoy with lots of child friendly spots to visit and even if you want to spend time in land you can head to some local villages and beaches.  The shorelines of the British Virgin Islands are spectacular.  Why not look into a British Virgin Islands yacht charter and see where it can take you?

Viewing History like Never Before

If you wanted to, you could sail to Tortola.  Here you can explore the many beautiful tiny villages on the shores or visit the Baths on Virgin Gorda.  Norman Island is another beautiful location to visit and it is great for couples or entire families; in fact Norman Island is like Treasure Island.  The island has beautiful diving opportunity which you can view the tropical sea life and view sunken shipwrecks.  When you hire a yacht, you can sail to all of these beautiful locations within the BVI.

You can enjoy taking a British Virgin Islands yacht charter out for a week and see all the islands have to offer.  If you think sticking close to shore is much better then you can do so or if you would like to sail around the BVI and see all it has to offer you can do that as well.  There are no limitations when it comes to exploring the British Virgin Islands and whether you are new to sailing or experience, this will be the destination for you.

Hire a British Virgin Islands yacht charter today and give your family the best vacation they’ll ever have.